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    I seriously need to learn how to spell certificate (look two posts up).

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    Thanks for the information. I was looking for how much VA reimburse to comparison tuition, but I might stay with the Ph.D program by taking one course per semester. Thanks for the information on VCTP and certification exam fees. I might able to knock out with CISSP and PMP exam fees. I just submitted my application for CISSP. I have access to:
    - Safari Book Online Safari Books Online - Login
    - Skillports Registration/Login Form
    - VTE CERT

    I try to obtain an ISACA DoD voucher, but contractor is not eligible for it. I have plenty study materials, I just need certification fees. The only certification that I want hand on training is Cisco CCIE in actual classroom and lab.
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    As far as CCIE, you ideally need to lab a lot on your own prior to the bootcamp, to get the maximum value from it.

    Thanks for mentioning the VTE cert website, that's another one that has some good training modules on it.
    I had used it for ACAS (Assured Compliance Assessment Solution, aka Nessus) training a while back, and had kind of forgotten about it.
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    "If you join for the January 2013 program, then you are in through January 2014, and that's it.

    They will only pay for one certification exam.

    To be clear, this is a once-in-a-lifetime benefit. Choose wisely."

    Ouch! Last night I submitted for independent study for CISSP. I am granted into the program for CISSP track. I took this course once through Army Skillport, but in order to receive the voucher I have to take it again. I guess that is the only certification that I can receive. Well, PMP is cheaper than CISSP.
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    Yeah. It seems kinda odd to me. I thought that you could go through and take several certifications until you ran out of time. From what they offer, I could whip through PMP and then twiddle my thumbs for the rest of the year? I guess the WGU model spoiled me: All you can eat within a period of time.

    Since you're just doing it for CISSP, you can use skillsoft to get your PMP training (since you have access already), see this link:

    The only advantage to the six-month program is the immediate start. If you do the one year program, you can receive a certificate from Syracuse. Wait, I just checked your list of degrees, you probably can do without a certificate from Syracuse on your resume. The full-year program includes mentoring and stuff.


    I rethought what I just said. I imagine that I could go ahead and keep getting more certificates, until my time ran out. I never looked at it that way. They might not spring for more tests, but I could at least get the certificates, for completing the courses, I guess.
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    Thanks for all the recommended sites, I have actually already subscribed to them already and use Safari Books on a daily basis during lunch. You are absolutely right, they will only foot the bill for one certification, but I believe that we can actually continue to take the other courses for the training. I can deal with that! Did they happen to mention how long each of the courses actually last?

    I am looking at getting referred to the MED board within the next couple of months to be medically retired, so I am trying to bust my butt to be able to leave the Army with as many certs as I can so that my first job will not be TOO big of a pay decrease.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    You've kind of hijacked TEKMAN's thread, but since we're on the subject, what's your MOS?

    Also, please check out the Veteran Mentor Network on It's a fantastic resource, and I recommend it to vets, all day long.
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    I'm sorry, I was actually very interested in the program that you mentioned.

    I saw you mention that group on Linkedin not too long ago, so I logged in last night and joined the forum; thanks for the heads up! I was originally a 25F when I joined, but then in '07 I was reclassed to a 25N. I like it a lot better than working on Node Centers (gag). Were you in the Army?
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