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    I am looking for a doctorate level degree that can be completed online in three years or less. I would like an emphasis on business administration, health administration, public policy, public administration, and or management/leadership. I would also like to avoid breaking the bank, so suggestions under $30,000 for the entire program are greatly welcomed. Also, I would like to complete the degree entirely online with no trips or internships.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    There are plenty, but you can get low than $30,000.00; however, you might not get 3 years or less.

    A.T Still University's Doctor of Healthcare Administration
    URL: Doctor of Health Administration | Online Healthcare Degree | ATSU

    Johnson University's Ph.D in Leadership
    URL: Johnson University - Leadership Studies (Ph.D.)

    University of the Cumberland's Ph.D in Leadership
    URL: Ph.D. in Leadership | University of the Cumberlands: Graduate Website

    California Southern University's Doctor of Business Administration
    URL: DBA Degree Programs | Online DBA Degree - California Southern University

    Liberty University's Doctor of Business Administration
    URL: Doctor of Business Administration Degree | Liberty University Online

    Valdosta State University's Doctor of Public Administration
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    This list of universities includes tuition of over $30K plus required residencies.
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