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    I would to compose a list of Doctorate program in Science, Engineering & Technology at distance learning. Please add more program as the list moving forward.

    - Capella University
    **** Ph.D in Information Technology
    ******* Information Assurance & Security
    ******* Information Technology Education

    - Colorado Technical University

    **** Doctor of Computer Science

    - Columbia University
    **** Doctor of Engineering Science in Civil Engineering
    **** Doctor of Engineering Science in Earth and Environmental Engineering
    **** Doctor of Engineering Science in Electrical Engineering
    **** Doctor of Engineering Science in Materials Science and Engineering
    **** Doctor of Engineering Science in Mechanical Engineering

    - Dakota State University
    **** Doctor of Science in Information Systems

    - DePaul University
    **** Ph.D in Computer and Information Science (Low Residency)

    - Indiana State University
    **** Ph.D in Technology Management

    - Michigan Technological University
    **** Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering

    - Mississippi State University
    **** Ph.D in Computer Engineering
    **** Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
    **** Ph.D in Civil Engineering
    **** Ph.D in Industrial Engineering

    - Northcentral University
    **** Ph.D in Business Administration
    ****** Applied Computer Science
    ****** Computer and Information Security
    ****** Management of Engineering and Technology

    - Nova Southeastern University

    **** Ph.D in Computer Information Systems
    **** Ph.D in Computer Science
    **** Ph.D in Information Systems
    **** Ph.D in Computing Technology in Education

    - Pace University

    **** Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing & IT Professional

    - Robert Morris University (Moon Township, PA)
    **** Doctor of Science in Information Systems and Communications (Short Residency)

    - Southern Methodist University
    **** Doctor of Engineering in Software Engineering

    - Sillivan University
    **** Ph.D in Management
    ****** Information Technology

    - Texas Tech University
    **** Ph.D in Systems and Engineering Management

    - University of Alabama at Huntsville
    **** Ph.D in Engineering Management
    **** Ph.D in Industrial Engineering
    **** Ph.D in Systems Engineering
    **** Ph.D in Modeling & Simulation (Computer Science & Engineering)

    - Walden University
    **** Ph.D in Management
    ****** Engineering Management
    ****** Information Systems Management
    ****** Operations Research

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    As opposed to WASC or SACS only?
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    Well, as opposed to having both DETC and regional like WGU or APUS. I thought it would be a helpful little way to convey the information that wouldn't sidetrack the list. :p
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    I wouldn't consider a DBA to be a science/engineering degree regardless of the concentration. By definition it's a business degree.
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    I basically agree, but there are business and management degrees in the OP.

    IIRC Northcentral University had directly CS or IS master's and doctorate degree titles years ago, then they withdrew them, but retained and/or added Applied Computer Science, etc. specializations within Business Administration, and ed tech within Education. And at some point they renamed the School of Business the School of Business and Technology Management.
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    Great list TEKMAN
    FYI, I spoke with an admissions counselor from Colorado Technical University about the Doctor of Computer Science program

    The program is 3 years in length and you begin your dissertation/publication track with the first class. You take 8 credits per quarter 5 of which are for the course and 3 of which are for the research component in which you are developing your thesis.
    The entire program costs about $57k all said and done and you can get a 10% discount and no application fee if you are with a big company that is an educational partner like I am.
    They have a few different concentrations and when you apply, you decide which concentration you would like and write up a little bit of research in APA format on an idea for a research topic. They review this mini-paper (1 page) and make sure you know your APA formatting etc. They also look at your resume and educational history and may not accept you into the general DS CS program which is heavily programming based and may instead accept you into the enterprise information systems or information assurance or emerging media concentrations which require less or no programming.
    Classes start Jan 18 next year and require a 3 day visit to Colorado for a symposium twice per year.
    They do accept some transfer credit but it must be virtually identical to the courses listed in the concentration and degree program to be even considered.
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    Do you know how many credits can be transfer out of 96 quarters?
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    Do you know why they stopped offering them? Sometimes I wonder if the HLC, NCU's accrediting body, does not have issues with NCU offering PhD in Business Administration, but with very few business courses (a business doctorate by name only).
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    1) University of Colorado @ Boulder offers a PhD in Telecommunications. Coursework can be completed online, but thesis research must be done on campus.

    2) University of Colorado @ Colorado Springs offers PhD in Engineering with specialism in Security. If you want to become a security guru (by combining cybersecurity, homeland security, and physical security plus your engineering or computer science background), this is the degree for you.
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    These are very good questions. I have no idea of the answer to them.
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    For CTU's Doctor of Comp Sci, I didn't write this down in my notes, but I remember that only 6SH or 8QH can be transferred in and the courses must match very closely.
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    That Pace doctorate is not distance learning as far as I can tell from the site. It requires onsite weekends.
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    CU Boulder PHD in Telecom

    What luck! to find a PHD program from a well respected B&M, boulder is in my backyard. only thing GRE, guess I better get studying
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