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    I will take this into consideration. I had not researched CAGS too much until tonight after reading your post. I really want to have a doctorate, but I do like the suggestion of taking CAGS in case I bail out. I hear no matter where you go a doctorate is brutal.

    Thanks so much!!!!
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    I probably would, I prefer to work on my own to get my courses done. I can do group projects, but I tend to do all the work because I want the good grade...its just a personal challenge. I have a career already that I really love so my educational goal is personal and I want the good grade to go with it.

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    ryoder,, my partner is getting their degree from there. It has been great because it can be done long-distance or online!

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    OH..Ok! I am new at this, I have never used a site like this before so I am learning. I went back and edited by replies with the name of I know!


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    This is like TESC and I've had experience with them so NCU in that regard would work. I totally agree with you that the mentors are just graders. I want the quality coursework and when I was reveiwing NCU course descriptions they seemed to have depth.
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    I'll pile on as well...

    From the Capella University Alumni iGuide,

    "The Completion of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) Recognition marks the achievement of a specific, significant doctoral milestone: successful completion of the requirements and doctoral course work to establish eligibility for the next phase of doctoral studies, the comprehensive examination. This recognition is not an academic degree or credential, but rather marks a significant academic achievement."

    BYW - Capella University strongly discourages the use of PhD (ABD) as well:

    Capella University - Ask Doctoral Advising » Blog Archive » What do the terms

    Not sure what NCU's policy is, but my guess is that it' similar.
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    From the course catalog:
    Northcentral University Catalog

    Description of Program

    The CAGS program is a post-master's certificate program. In order to earn a CAGS certificate, students must complete six courses (a total of 18 credit hours) within the chosen CAGS program. Each CAGS certificate program is prescribed, meaning students can only take what is listed for the particular CAGS program (students may not substitute alternative courses). Students must complete all six courses with a grade of "B" or better in order to receive the certificate.

    Basis of Admission

    A completed master's level or higher degree from an accredited institution or university.


    6 Courses (18 Credit hours) must be completed from the coursework outlined within the corresponding CAGS specialization. Transfer of Credit hours into CAGS:

    Credit hours from another university or institution cannot be transferred towards a CAGS program.

    Courses taken within a Northcentral University master's program cannot be applied towards a CAGS program.

    CAGS Transfer into a Doctoral Sequence:

    Coursework completed within a CAGS program, where a grade of (B) or better was earned, may be applied towards the specialization sequence within a doctoral program.

    Applying CAGS coursework towards a doctoral degree is contingent upon coursework and degree relevance under the most current doctoral degree program version.

    Specialization coursework completed as part of a doctoral degree, where a degree was conferred, cannot be applied towards a CAGS program. However, a CAGS can be completed as part of doctoral coursework, assuming the student officially applies for the CAGS certificate prior to completing the fourth course in the CAGS series.

    Completion Period for CAGS

    Northcentral University allows 2 years to complete all CAGS.

    Students who are unable to complete a degree program within the stated time limits are dismissed. If a student believes they have extenuating circumstances, they may document the circumstances and send a request for consideration to their respective School Dean or designee. Exceptions to the policy are determined on a case-by-case basis and are granted only once.

    NOTE: If a student wants to enroll in a doctoral program in a school other than the school from which the student obtained the CAGS, the University does not guarantee that any of the courses will be transferable to a program of another Northcentral University school.

    EXAMPLE: Student obtains a CAGS certificate through the School of Business, but wants to obtain a doctorate through the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

    In these cases, the School Dean (from the School in which the student wants to obtain the doctorate) will review the CAGS courses and provide the final determination. The outcome will be documented in the student's file. The student will be notified by e-mail of the requirements to obtain the doctoral degree.

    Certificates Offered by the School of Business

    The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) at Northcentral University offers students a chance to advance in their chosen field or to embark on a new career through course of study in one of the following areas:

    Advanced Accounting,

    Criminal Justice

    Electronic Commerce

    Financial Management

    Health Care Administration

    Homeland Security: Leadership & Policy

    Management of Engineering and Technology

    Project Management

    Public Administration.

    Prerequisite: A Master's degree in any field from an accredited institution will satisfy admission requirements.

    Requirement: At the end of each CAGS (except where noted), students will complete a final written research project, demonstrating the ability to conduct an investigation on a workplace problem, identify an area for intervention, critique, justify, and recommend a plan of preventative action.
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    Sorry, still not a Doctorate.
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    More info here about the e-commerce and other CAGS

    Northcentral University | Online Degree Programs | Electronic Commerce

    The CAGS requires 6 specialization courses where the PhD only requires 5. The 6th course in the CAGS is a capstone research project course which is not required for the PhD. At NCU, the CAGS is not the same as being ABD.
    CAGS learners need to apply for graduation and will receive a diploma/certificate. I'm not really sure what it looks like, but I know that after I finish, I will have to be readmitted into the PhD or DBA program and 5 courses will transfer in to cover my specialization.

    I really like the idea and wish the school offered CAGS in all disciplines.
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  12. SurfDoctor

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    This post from the site you provided pretty much sums it up: "School is okay if you want a degree, flexibility and independence. Frankly I don't like the school. They constantly have mentor attrition. Don't think board members are concerned with anything but to make money." (Ever notice how terrible the grammar is of people who slam schools on those sites?)

    As I have said over and over, the courses are well designed and the materials are as good as any. On the other hand, the administration and mentors radiate the idea that they could not care less about you. If you want to earn a degree on your own, with no help, you will probably be OK.
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    This was supber information to assist me in my decision making. I have read the good and the bad. Very insteresting, I am going to have ot really think on this decision of which university to use.


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    I am HATING the PhD/ Education Dissertation experience at NCU (after completing the coursework with a very solid GPA, enroling in their Educational Honor Society, publishing on the side, and passing the Comps the first time around). My committee members have changed numerous times in the past year; and within the past 3 years, so have my academic advisors. With the new dissertation committee format starting, I have been asking NCU for a year (to no avail) if I'm going to stay with my currently formed committee members, or switch to the new format that the school has designed (full-time Dissertation Chairs in residence). No one seems to have an answer...
    Are there other PhD/ Education online programs out there with no residency requirements?
  15. Randell1234

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    If you are that far along in the process I would recommend you stick it out. You can to far to switch...take it from someone who looked into it due to the admin bull at NCU.
  16. BruinsHockey_77

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    Thanks. I appreciate it. It's disheartening to know that the time I thought I could be saving with my transfer credits will be "nullified" by the time it takes to complete the dissertation process... I have really liked the program up until this point. I also get the impression that they are geared for the EdD but not the PhD/ Education. As their library samples/ templates only reflect the former... but again I digress.
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    I think SurfDoctor summed it up pretty well "If you want to earn a degree on your own, with no help, you will probably be OK."
    This is absolutely true in my experience with the MBA. I didn't need or ask for any help during the process. An adult learner should be able to navigate the coursework by himself/herself, however I do want some hand-holding during the dissertation process. The school has instituted a new dissertation process and has hired full time chairs, so lets hope this helps.
    The worst case scenario for me is that I finish a lot of courses and fail to get my dissertation proposal or manuscript accepted and drop out. I will have learned a lot and will have enough credits to teach courses on the side. I think I can live with that, but I will do whatever is necessary to ensure my own success.
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    Five years later I'm back in the game and resume classes Monday with qualitative methods.
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    The world of online learning have changed significantly over the last decade. Just curious, why was NCU your choice then and why is it your choice now?

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