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  1. do RA correspondence doctorates exists? other than ones that lead you to be a minister. We are getting ready to go on deployment and our internet connection is intermittent at best. that is on day we are allowed to use it. If anyone knows of any that would be awesome. I am looking for something similar to CD Rom courses that excelsior offer or even the old school style guided study books.
  2. Scott Henley

    Scott Henley New Member

    There are plenty of doctorates that can be completed externally or with minimal residency; some don't even require coursework. I applaud you for wanting to pursue ongoing education, but a good quality doctorate is not something that should be considered lightly.

    Perhaps is you indicate what field you would be interested in studying some members of this board can point you in the right direction?
  3. Ted Heiks

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    What field do you propose to study?
  4. most likely in business, hr or psychology. To be honest I dont have a terribly difficult job, so to be productive while floating in the middle of the ocean I would like to get a phd. I realize it is not something to take lightly but I like to know my options. Any info on RA schools that offer many programs would be great.
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    If you have a specific research topic in mind, you could try pursuing a research-only PhD through an overseas school (UK, South Africa, Australia, etc.). With the research only model, you do not take any courses. You will of course, need to have very good research skills and have a very good idea of what area you plan to conduct your research. The first step is to locate a school, and submit an application. Usually, you will submit your research proposal at this time. Perhaps someone who has actually gone through this process will chime in here and offer you some additional advice.

    Good luck!
  6. im not really a big fan of foreign education, mainly because the navy wont pay for it. Also I really want it to be RA.
  7. aldrin

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    Hi Originalbigjim,

    There's barely any RA doctorate that's online (most of them are hybrid at best, that'll force you to take time off or lose $$$ from work and then spend more $$$ on multiple residencies), so I doubt if there's one at all that's correspondence-based. In the future, perhaps, if the dinosaurs that run the higher education system suddenly become "enlightened." But kudos to you for wanting to study further and good luck on your search! If online is at least a remote possibility, among US schools check out Baker College, TUI University, and Northcentral University.

  8. Scott Henley

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    This is not entirely correct. Research-based Ph.D.'s from UK school generally do not require coursework if you have a master's degree in a similar subject. For example, if you wanted to do a Ph.D. in History and your master's was in computer science, there might be an issue with coursework.
  9. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    I stand corrected. I should have added the qualifier "in general" to the above statement.

  10. Robbie

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    UNC Chapel Hill offers a DPH totally online and maybe a couple of others. Log onto their site and search under distance education.
  11. edowave

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    You might want to check out Heriot-Watt's DBA - .
    Although they have an online component, that is considered "value-added". The school still primarily uses the old style guided study book. If you have questions and can't get online, you can send the school a fax. I'm guessing one you get into the dissertation phase, you would be communicating with your adviser by phone.
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    I would add Capella University to that list as well. I am very pleased with how my doctoral program has gone (although it has taken longer than expected.) Although a bit pricey - Capella does offer military discounts. In addition, Capella has a Military Learner Liason who is VERY GOOD at pointing military personnel in the right direction, cutting through red tape, etc.

    As in any program, look at several options, and see what is best for you. Good luck!

  13. Rich Douglas

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    It sounds like, by "correspondence," you mean with written materials and a self-study format not dependent on the internet. That would exclude Capella, TUI, Walden, etc.

    Heriot-Watt's EBS DBA may be a good choice.

    Our doctoral program would fit those delivery requirements, but it isn't in a field you mentioned. (It is in HR/HRD.)

    Glasgow might be another opportunity, as well as U. of Newcastle in Australia.

    BTW, dissertation-only Ph.D. programs aren't necessarily non-residential. Some require frequent on-campus contact.
  14. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Actually, Jim did mention HR as a field of interest in his second post. I think your program may be a good option for him, if not for the fact that he needs a U.S. based program in order for the Navy to foot the bill.

    Jim - Click on the link in Rich's signature. Have a look anyway and see if it meets your needs. It looks to be a very good program, from a school with an excellent reputation (not too mention, a very broad selection of DL offerings).

  15. KariS

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  16. Rich Douglas

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    DETC accreditation may help overcome that. Maybe.
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    I am currently taking a class with them

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