Doctoral program in Computer Science at CTU (Colorado Tech)

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    What university is he working at now? You can get a tenured track at a bottom tier university with a degree from a for-profit, but you'll never make it to a top university. I don't care how accomplished you are.

    After I've read these forums some more, I see I'm preaching to the wrong crowd. Many people here are obsessed with getting a degree regardless of the universities reputation. The name of the school matters. Some people can break the stigma with their work, but it's rare. A few exceptional people don't make the choice right. Bill Gates dropped out of college and is now a millionaire. It doesn't mean everyone should drop out of college.
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    There is a thread now going on for a PhD in Nicaragua from a no name school, few people arguing that this degree would be useful in the US.
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    As a Capella PhD graduate - I believe it is about expectations. I never expected to teach at a "Tier I" university. However, I am on the tenure track at a US News and University regionally ranked university; serve as a Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission, and have presented papers at many conferences. While I would like to pursue publication, I teach two classes + serve as the Program Director for Undergraduate Programs in our business school, which is a 2 - course release position. I also advise 20 undergraduate students, and many of my advisees are first generation students. Add that to my committees (Student Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness, Faculty Senate, etc.), I don't have the time to pursue research interests. And that's ok. I'm doing what I wanted to do...teach.

    Please don't take this a knocking R1 schools. R1's are EXTREMELY important. But there's a place for the small liberal arts school where students and professors have small classes and form great learning relationships. My degree from Capella...opened that door.

    BTW - Here's the US News synopsis of my school:

    University of St. Francis | Best College | US News
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    Glad it worked out for you! I don't mean to insult Capella, it's not like I went anywhere great. My alma mater is ranked #170 nationally by US News. I found a few Capella grads are online adjuncts at my school too.

    Still, with so many online programs from non-profits and known schools available now (and many of them very easy to get into), I can't recommend a for-profit to anyone. Even though you might receive the same education, they can limit your options. Just a quick look at schools in my area, I found Nova Southeastern has an online PhD program in comp sci. Nova isn't well known nationally, but he'd have slightly more options than Capella or CTU.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Nova Southeastern University is not really online, you are mandated to meet up twice per semester in Fort Lauderdale. It is much convenient, but not 100% online. I would rate Nova Southeastern University as a hybrid learning mode.
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    I believe Capella (once the University of America) has or at least used to have some residencies. The same for Walden. The only 100% online programs that I know are from NCU and Trident.

    CTU might be 100% online.

    Capella used to have a fixed tuition fee every semester regardless of the number of courses you were taken. It was designed to be finished in 3 years and a half part time that is low for a part time program.

    None of these schools are Harvard but they seem to be doing fine as there is a market for fast track doctorates.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Capella requires 3 residencies throughout the program, the fourth one is optional. While, Colorado Technical University requires one residency every other term.
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    Good question, TEKMAN. Unfortunately, it appears his two Columbus doctorates are likely from the unaccredited school in Louisiana - the one you referred to as a degree mill.

    Oh well - three legit doctorates and a Foley-Belsaw Institute diploma in computer programming - not too shabby! :smile: I was disappointed to find out about the Columbus degrees, as I read some samples from Dr. Bangura's 75 books. He has written on subjects of interest to me and I found his works to be accessible and engaging. Despite this unfortunate "Columbus" revelation, I will continue to read his work.

    I can never figure out why a highly cerebral person, of considerable genuine accomplishment, would feel a need to inflate his otherwise extremely impressive CV with degrees from schools of this kind.

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