"Doctor" Irving Fryar Indicted

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    Irving Fryar, a long-time wide receiver for the University of Nebraska and the NFL, was indicted today for a mortgage scam he conducted with his mom.

    "Doctor" Fryar received a doctorate from the North Carolina College of Theology, a fake school that claims fake accreditation. It sells doctorates for life experience (and cash). Fryar took his fake doctorate and opened up his own school--or so it was claimed. I can't see any real evidence of the school (Burlington County College of Theology).

    All of that activity didn't get him into trouble--thanks, North Carolina! But scheming to obtain multiple mortgages on the same property is apparently against some silly law. Who knew? (Allegedly, the school is in New Jersey, but it isn't. And it isn't on the state's list of religious schools.)

    The guy played 17 seasons in the modern NFL. And he needs to steal from people who are absolutely not going to tolerate it? Wow.
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    From the NCCOT website:

    We Do Not SELL Degrees! Many pastors, missionaries, and church workers have earned their degrees and should have them. I look forward to talking to you about your lifelong full-time service and your Doctoral degree. Contact us today and allow us to help you receive your degree for your “Life-Earned” service… you deserve it! It appears the liberal left isn't the only group promoting a culture of entitlement.

    Also from the NCCOT website:

    All doctoral course work and written requirements can be waived based on one's life experience..........ummm, except for the $2,750 tuition fee.
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