Do Canadian universities accept CLEP & DSST credit?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Hadashi no Gen, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hadashi no Gen

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    A neighbor of mine seemed interested in CLEP and DSST when we were talking about distance education today. The only catch is that she is getting her degree from Athabasca, and I am not sure if Canadian institutions accept these types of test scores for full credit.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
  2. BlueMason

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    "Athabasca University does not accept transfer credit from this institution (College-Level Examination Program (clep))" Here is the link to check yourself:

    I don't know of any Canadian University off the top of my head that does accept CLEP. I know that Dalhousie, Acadia, Mount A, SMU, MSVU, UNB don't...
  3. Johann

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    I thought perhaps the DETC-accredited Universities that had started up in New Brunswick might accept CLEP -- but the ones I knew of (Meritus and Lansbridge) are closed down now. I checked the DETC site and the only DETC accredited post-secondary school I could find in Canada was ICS Canada, Penn Foster's Canadian counterpart. However, this school is not authorized to grant degrees in Canada. Canadians can, however, enrol in degree programs at the American school, Penn Foster.

    I have to agree with BlueMason. I don't know of any University in Canada that accepts CLEP credits. In fact, I believe there are still some (e.g. McGill U. - Montreal) that refuse to accept any distance degree -- regardless of the school from which it may have been earned!

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