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    Someone on the other forum was looking for cheap doctoral programs, and I could have sworn that Liberty University had stricter admissions standards for their DMin. I also thought they would get even stricter after earning ATS accreditation. It turns out they only require an ecclesiastical endorsement or a current church position and 18 graduate-level credits related to biblical, theology, or ministry studies. For the culminating project, you can choose between a thesis and a portfolio.
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    How exactly does their acceptance of transfer credits work for this program?
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    Typical Liberty. Lowering the standards so they can prey on as much students as possible. The change must have been recent because the admission requirements for the D.Min. were:

    In addition to the general admission procedures, applicants to the Doctor of Ministry degree program must meet the following specific requirements:
    1. A Master of Divinity degree, or its equivalent*, from an appropriately accredited theological seminary with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale).
    2. Professional vita showing three years of experience in full-time ministry after receiving the Master of Divinity degree. This experience must be pastoral in nature (pastor, assistant pastor, youth pastor, missionary, etc.)
    and must be connected to a church body. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Dean.
    3. A current place of ministry where the student can successfully carry out a ministry-related project. International students who file under the I-20 may be allowed to complete their residency course work without
    this requirement. However, they must complete their thesis project in the context of a full-time ministry.
    4. Two recommenders’ contact information for two recommendations from colleagues in the ministry.
    5. Ecclesiastical Endorsement indicating the agreement of the church (or employing organization) with the applicant’s participation in the Doctor of Ministry program.
    6. A detailed Statement of Purpose for pursuing the program.
    7. School of Divinity Questionnaire
    8. TOEFL Scores for students who speak English as a second language (score of 600 paper-based test; 250 computer-based test, 80 internet-based test).
    *Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Equivalency:
    Students who have not completed a M.Div. degree may meet the M.Div. admission requirement by completing the following
    * 72 accredited graduate hours (in any graduate discipline)
    * Accredited seminary degree
    * 9 hours in graduate-level Bible / Theology
    * 9 hours in graduate-level Apologetics / Church History / Church Ministries / Evangelism / Discipleship / Global
    Studies / Homiletics / Leadership

    Note: An applicant to the Doctor of Ministry program who is within 6 credits of meeting the M.Div. equivalency, may be admitted to take the remaining equivalent master’s level credit hours within the D.Min. program. These classes must be taken and passed before any doctoral level classes are taken, and all other published admission requirements for the program must be met.
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  4. Courcelles

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    Isn’t Liberty pretty good at accepting NA credits/degrees? I know little about reasons this wouldn’t work theologically, but could NationsU be a cheap way to pick up those requirements, particularly for those with more secular masters who found their way into ministry?
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    I knew I wasn't misremembering things. I remember seeing those requirements, so I was surprised to see that they were all gone when someone asked which doctoral programs in ministry or theology were cheapest. You can test out of 18 graduate credits with their ICE exams if you don't already have them. As long as you have that ecclesiastical endorsement, you're in.

    I also don't remember there being a portfolio option for the DMin, but I don't think this is as controversial. Emory only requires a short research project; I read some that were only 30-something pages.
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  6. sanantone

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    I would expect that they would only accept doctoral-level courses that are comparable to what's in the curriculum.

    Yes, they accept NA degrees. You could potentially complete a graduate certificate at Nations University and qualify for admission.

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