DL MEd Programs (Under $10,000)

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    Here is the list of 47 DL MEd programs under $10,000. This list is provided with all the usual caveats, disclaimers, and qualifiers to the effect that one should never approach a British system university about "distance" programs but only "part-time" programs. For those of you needing a foreign currency calculator, here is one: www.oasismanagement.com/eurodesk/eurocalc.html

    1. English Language Institute China www.elic.org
    free to ELIC teachers
    MAT and MEd through Lee University www.leeuniversity.edu and MA Teaching English as a Second Language through Azusa Pacific University www.apu.edu

    2. University of Pretoria www.up.ac.za/telematic
    R10,120 1st year + R1,130 each addl. year = R11,250 ~ $1,783
    Computer-Assisted Education; Education Management; Potential Development In Education and Training

    3. Memorial University of Newfoundland www.mun.ca
    $1,312 CAN/semester x 3 semesters = $3,936 CAN ~ $3,254 USA
    Post-Secondary Education; Technology in Education

    4. University of North Dakota www.conted.und.edu
    $105/hr. x 32-36 hrs. = $3,360-$3,780
    Early Childhood Education; Educational Leadership; Elementary Education; Special Education

    5. London South Bank University www.lsbu.ac.uk
    350GBP/double-unit x 4 double-units = 1,400GBP + 430GBP diss. = 1,830GBP ~ $3,520 USA
    Education for Sustainability; School-Based Program

    6. University of Illinois at Springfield http://online.uis.edu
    $129/hr. x 36 hrs. = $4,662
    Teaching & Leadership

    7. Fitchburg State College http://raven.fsc.edu/distance
    $150/hr. x 36 hrs. = $5,400
    Elementary Education; Secondary Education

    8. New Mexico State University www.NMSU.Edu/~distance
    $151/hr. x 36 hrs. = $5,436
    Learning Technologies

    9. Nicholls State University www.nicholls.edu/distance
    $469.75/course x 12 courses = $5,637
    Educational Technology

    10. Maryvale Institute www.maryvale.ac.uk
    1,200GBP/yr. x 2 yrs. = 2,400GBP + 600GBP diss. = 3,000GBP ~ $5,660USA
    Leadership & Vision for Catholic Schools; Religious Education

    11. Brunel University www.brunel.ac.uk/courses/pg/education/modmast.html
    3,010GBP ~ $5,790USA
    Education Management; Gifted Education; Guidance & Counseling; Information Technology in Education; Primary Education; Secondary Education; Special Education

    12. University of New Brunswick Fredericton www.unb.ca/extend
    $603 CAN/course x 12 term-courses = $7,236 CAN ~ $5,820 USA
    Adult Education

    13. University of Wyoming www.uwyo.edu
    $187/hr. x 34 hrs. = $6,358
    Instructional Technology

    14. University of Nebraska-Lincoln http://extended.unl.edu/gradprograms/programs_degree.shtml
    $190/hr. (F courses)-$280/hr. (S courses) x 36 hrs. = $6,840-$10,080
    Behavior Disorders; Deaf Education; Early Childhood Special Education; Educational Administration; Higher Education; Severe Disabilities; Teacher Learning & Teacher Education; Visual Impairment

    15. Keele University www.keele.ac.uk
    1,200 GBP/yr. PT x 3 yrs. = 3,600 GBP ~ $6,925 USA
    Higher Education; Learning & Teaching

    16. University of Southern Queensland www.usqonline.com.au
    $1,170 AUS/unit x 8 units = $9,360 AUS ~ $7,182 USA
    Educational Technology; Flexible Learning; Lifelong Learning; Mathematics Education; Online Education; Physical Education; Science Education

    17. Framingham State College www.framingham.edu
    $180/hr. x 40 hrs. = $7,200
    Curriculum & Instruction

    18. Colorado State University www.learn.colostate.edu
    $204-$396/hr. x 36 hrs. = $7,344-$14,256
    Education & Human Resources

    19. California State University East Bay www.csueb.edu
    $164/hr. x 45 hrs. = $7,380
    Online Teaching & Learning

    20. Webster University www.webster.edu/worldclassroom
    $225/hr.-$335/hr. x 33 hrs. = $7,425-$11,055

    21. University of South Alabama http://usaonline.southalabama.edu
    $227/hr. x 33 hrs. = $7,491
    Educational Administration; Educational Media; Gifted Education; Instructional Design & Development; Teaching

    22. Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University www.kcvu.org
    $253/hr. x 30 hrs. = $7,590
    Exceptional Child - Learning & Behavioral Disorders

    23. Graceland University www.graceland.edu
    $285/hr. x 27 hrs. = $7,695
    Collaborative Teaching & Learning

    24. Dakota State University www.departments.edu/disted
    $228.55/hr. x 36 hrs. = $8,227.80
    Computer Education; Educational Technology

    25. Atlantic Union College www.atlanticuc.edu/acad.maeduc.php
    $250/hr. x 33 hrs. = $8,250
    Administration; Clinical Ministry; Curriculum & Instruction

    26. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign www.uiuc.edu
    $1,036/course-$1,468/course x 8-9 courses = $8,288-$13,212
    Curriculum, Technology & Education Reform; Community College Teaching & Learning; Global Human Resource Development; Global Studies in Education; Human Resource Education

    27. University College of Cape Breton www.uccb.ns.ca/distance
    $347 CAN/hr. x 30 hrs. = $10,410 CAN ~ $8,307 USA
    Educational Counseling; Educational Curriculum; Educational Technology

    28. Saint Mary's College www.smumn.edu
    $280/hr. x 32 hrs. = $8,400
    Catholic School Leadership; Educational Administration

    29. Central Missouri State University www.cmsu.edu
    $235/hr. x 36 hrs. = $8,460
    Administration/Special Education; Curriculum & Instruction

    30. University of Massachusetts www.umassonline.net
    $240-$410 x 30-36 hrs. = $8,640-$12,300
    Counseling; Educational Administration; Instructional Design; Reading & Learning

    31. Wayne State College www.wsc.edu
    $240.50/hr. x 36-48 hrs. = $8,658-$11,544
    Counseling; Curriculum & Instruction; School Administration; Special Education

    32. University of Missouri http://mudirect.missouri.edu
    $263.20/hr. x 33 hrs. = $8,685.60
    Early Childhood Education; Educational Leadership; Gifted Education; Literacy; Social Studies Education

    33. Troy State University http://www.troy.edu/
    $290/hr. x 30 hrs. = $8,700
    Instructional Technology

    34. William Woods University www.wmwoods.edu
    $255/hr. x 33-39 hrs. = $8,925-$9,945
    Administration; Curriculum & Instruction

    35. Walden University www.waldenu.edu
    $298/hr. x 30-36 hrs. = $8,940-$10,728
    Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment; Educational Leadership; Elementary Reading and Literacy; Integrating Technology in the Classroom; Literacy and Learning Content Areas; Mathematics K-5; Mathematics 6-8; Middle School Education

    36. Indiana State University www.indstate.edu/distance
    $252/hr. x 36 hrs. = $9,072
    Human Resource Education

    37. Saint Joseph's College www.sjcme.edu/cps
    $275/hr. x 33 hrs. = $9,075

    38. University of Northern Iowa www.uni.edu/contined
    $305/hr. x 30-41 hrs. = $9,150-$12,505
    Early Childhood Education; Educational Leadership; Educational Technology; Elementary Education; Literacy Education; Middle Level Education

    39. Central Queensland University www.cqu.edu.au
    $245AUS/unit-point x 48 unit points = $11,760AUS ~ $9,312USA

    40. Stephens College www.stephens.edu
    $243.34/hr. x 39-42 hrs. = $9,490.26-$10,220.28

    41. Emporia State University http://lifelong.emporia.edu
    $266/hr. x 36 hrs. = $9,576
    Curriculum & Instruction; Educational Administration; Instructional Design & Technology; Special Education

    42. Buena Vista University www.bvu.edu
    $266 x 36-39 hrs. = $9,576-$10,374

    43. Marygrove College www.marygrove.edu
    $323/hr. x 30 hrs. = $9,690
    Teacher Education

    44. Ball State University www.bsu.edu/distance
    $325/hr. x 30-36 hrs. = $9,750-$11,700
    Educational Administration & Supervision; Elementary Education; Physical Education & Coaching; Special Education; Technology Education; Vocational Education

    45. San Diego State University www.sdsu.edu/dl
    $271/hr. x 36 hrs. = $9,756
    Educational Leadership; Educational Technology

    46. Central Michigan University www.cel.cmich.edu
    $300/hr. x 33 hrs. = $9,900
    Administration; Adult Education; Coaching; Community College; Counseling; Educational Technology; Humanities; Instruction; Reading & Leadership; School Principal; Special Education

    47. University of British Columbia http://det.ubc.ca
    $1,250 CAN/course x 10 courses = $12,500 CAN ~ $9,975 USA EducationalTechnology
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    I did see another post with degrees under 10K. I looked at one of them and the price you listed was $105 per credit but $400 per credit for out of state. I would guess the majority of people would be out of state.

    Did you break your list down by the out of state tuition?
  3. Ted Heiks

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    I used out-of-state tuition rather than in-state (unless I made a few errors here and there) on the theory that probably 49 times out of 50, the person reading the post will be an out-of-stater. But, anyhow, I also listed the website addresses so you can double-check my info.
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    Ah, yes, indeed, Randell. Early on when I had just joined this list, I had come across thread-starting posts on DL MEd programs by Ramona and Randell (that being you). So I started putting together a hand-scribbeled list of some 182 DL MEd programs. Then Renshi sent me a PM regarding how my list was going and later he made another thread-starting starting post on DL MEd programs. I think it was to your thread that I volunteered that one could get a tuition-free MEd or MAT (from Lee University) or MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (through Azusa Pacific University) by working as a missionary English language teacher with English Language Institute China and that, if one was not so inclined, one could get a DL MEd from the University of North Dakota for $105/hr. x 32-36 hrs. = $3,360-$3780. I then gave a post to Renshi's thread of 14 MEd programs under $10,000 (of the at the time 56 schools which I had then gathered pricing info on), though that one did not include info on prices & majors, as this one does. Anyhow, I posted the DL MEds with no pricing info found, the MEds under $10,000, and the MEds $10,000-$15,000. Well, it is quarter to three in the morning here in Ohio and I'm kinda tired. But I'll get the MEds $15,000-$20,000 and the MEds over $20,000 posted as soon as humanly possible. Good night! - Ted.
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    Forgive me for bringing back this thread from the dead, but I thought I'd mention a degree that I'd found buried in my favorites: Master of Arts in Education (Language and Literacy Education) from the University of the Philippines Open University.

    For those who are interested, the fees page says that the university charges 1000 pesos per academic unit, which comes out to 40,000 pesos for the tuition (40 "units" in the degree x 1000 pesos/unit). There are a number of misc. fees, but it's still tempting when you consider that the tuition fees alone come out to between 900-1000 American dollars (at the current exchange rate).

    Any takers? ;)
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  7. Ted Heiks

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    This is one old thread that one doesn't need to ask for forgiveness for resurecting.
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    True, but a lot of the info may be outdated. For instance, the DL program at University of North Dakota now charges $363 per credit, so it now costs over $10,000. I suspect similar things may have happened to other programs.
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    Of course. Prices always go up. But even if the data is a bit wonky this list is still a collection of some of the cheapest programs around.

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