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    It has been awhile since the threads on "Med By distance education?" and "Who offers the least expensive online MEd," so I'll start a new thread and give you my list of DL MEd programs in pieces: first the ones where I couldn't find pricing info (16), second those under $10,000 (47), third those $10,000-$15,000 (44), fourth those $15,000-$20,000 (38), and finally those over $20,000 (25).

    I of course offer this list of schools with the qualifier that one should never ask a British system school about "distance" or "online" degrees but only "part-time" degrees.

    1. American Intercontinental University www.aiuonline.edu
    Instructional Technology

    2. University of Calicut http://collegeskerala.com/calicut

    3. Chadron State College www.csc.edu
    Elementary Administration; Elementary Education; Guidance & Counseling; Secondary Administration

    4. Curtin University of Technology http://cea.curtin.edu.au/distance-ed.html
    Educational Administration

    5. Flinders University www.flinders.edu.au
    Special Education

    6. Florida Gulf Coast University www.fgcu
    Curriculum & Instruction

    7. Madurai-Kamaraj University www.mkuniversity.org

    8. Mississippi State University www.msstate.edu/dept/ced
    Counseling Education; Early Childhood Development; Educational Leadership of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies; Elementary Education; Instructional Technology; Physical Education

    9. North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University http://ncat.edu/~!distance
    Adult Education; Instructional Technology

    10. University of North Carolina Greensboro www.uncg.edu
    Curriculum & Instruction; School Administration; Special Education

    11. College of St. Scholastica http://grad.css.edu
    Curriculum & Instruction; Educational Media & Technology; Teaching

    12. University of South Africa www.unisa.ac.za
    Adult Education; Comparative & International Education; Curriculum Studies; Early Childhood Education; Education Management; Educational Psychology; Environmental Education; Guidance & Counseling; History of Education; Mathematics Education; Natural Science Education; Open and Distance Education; Philosophy of Education; Socio-Education; Special Needs Education

    13. University of Surrey www.surrey.ac.uk
    Research Methods

    14. University of Teesside www.tees.ac.uk/cll/Frames/O&Dframe.html

    15. University of Toledo www.utoledo.edu
    Higher Education

    16. University of Wales-Aberstwyth www.aber.ac.uk

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