DL MEd Programs ($10,000-$15,000)

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    Following is a list of 43 DL MEd programs at a price of $10,000 to $15,000. This list is offered with all of the usual caveats, disclaimers, and qualifiers to the effect that one should not ask a British system university about DL programs but rather about part-time programs. For those needing a currency exchange converter see this: www.oasismanagement.com/eurodesk/eurocalc.html

    1. Texas Wesleyan University www.txwesleyan.edu
    $280/hr. x 36 hrs. = $10,080
    Bilingual Education; Elementary Science; English as a Second Language

    2. Mount Saint Vincent University www.msvu.ca/distance.htm
    $2,259 CAN/units x 5 units = $12,645 CAN ~ $10,091 USA
    Educational Psychology; Literacy Education

    3. University of Tennessee-Martin www.utm.edu/ecce.php
    $307/hr. x 33 hrs. = $10,131
    Educational Administration & Supervision

    4. California State University Fresno www.csufresno.edu
    $339/hr. x 30 hrs. = $10,170
    Administration & Supervision

    5. Grand Canyon University
    $340/hr. x 30 hrs. = $10,200

    6. Eastern Oregon University www2.eou.edu/dde
    $227.50/hr. x 45 hrs. = $10,237
    Literacy; Special Education; Teacher Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

    7. University of Wisconsin-Stout
    $340/hr. x 30-48 hrs. =$10,200-$16,320
    Professional Development; Vocational Rehabilitation

    8. Western Michigan University www.wmich.edu/edtech/masters
    $345.80 x 30-33 hrs. = $10,374-$11,411
    Educational Technology

    9. Southwestern Assemblies of God University www.sagu.edu/sde
    $290/hr. x 36 hrs. = $10,440
    Christian School Administration; Curriculum Development; Early Childhood Education

    10. Australian Catholic University www.acu.edu.au/handbook/2005/Course/ed/medcrse.htm
    $13,200 AUS ~ $10,452 USA
    Career Education; Early Numeracy; Inclusive Education; Information & Communication Technology; Learning & Teaching; Literacy; Mathematics Education; School Guidance & Counseling; Teaching English as a Second Language

    11. University of New England www.une.au/admissions/ext_prospective.htm
    $13,904 AUS ~ $10,703
    Aborigine Education; Adult Education; Art Education; "Comp. Ed."; "Comm. Resp. Sch."; Curriculum Studies; Early Childhood Education; Education Management; English Education; Gifted & Talented; Intercultural Studies; International Education; Mathematics Education; Physical Education; Primary Teaching; Science Teaching; Secondary Teaching; Special Education; Teacher Development; Teaching; Training & Development

    12. Touro University International www.touro.edu
    $300/hr. x 36 hrs. = $10,800
    Educational Leadership; E-Learning; Higher Education; Teaching & Instruction

    13. West Texas A & M University www.wtamu.edu
    $306/hr. x 36 hrs. = $11,016
    Instructional Technology

    14. Antioch University www.antioch.edu
    $246/hr. x 45 hrs. $11,070
    Educational Leadership; Teacher Education

    15. National University http://online.nu.edu
    $250/hr. x 45-58.5 hrs. = $11,250-$14,625

    16. Murdoch University http://wwwonline.murdoch.edu.au
    $14,750 AUS ~ $11,679 USA
    Primary Education; Secondary Education

    17. University of Texas System www.telecampus.utsystem.edu
    $326.25/hr.-$339.52/hr. x 36 hrs. = $11,745-$12,222.72
    Curriculum & Instruction - Reading (Arlington); Educational Technology (Brownsville, El Paso); Kinesiology (El Paso, Pan American, Permian Basin, Tyler)

    18. Deakin University www.deakin.edu.au/studentlife/distance_education
    $1,875 AUS/ credit point x 8 credit-points = $15,000 AUS ~ $11,877 USA
    Adult Education; Arts Education; Curriculum & Administration; Distance Education; Educational Leadership Administration; Enterprise Education; IT Education; Language and Literact Education; Mathematics Education; Physical Education; Professional Education; Science and Environmental Education; Special Education; Teaching English as a Second Language; Vocational Education

    19. Marlboro College www.persons.marlboro.edu
    $400/hr. x 30 hrs. = $12,000
    Teaching with Internet Technologies

    20. Boise State University http://coen.boisestate.edu/dep/ipt.htm
    $365-$368/hr. x 33-36 hrs. = $12,144-$13,140
    Educational Technology; Instructional & Performance Technology

    21. Edith Cowan University http://masters.www.ecu.edu.au
    $7,700 AUS/semester x 2 semesters = $15,400 AUS ~ $12,194 US
    Educational Policy; Special Education; Teaching and Learning

    22. Athabasca University www.athabascau.ca
    $1,090 CAN/course x 10 courses = $10,900 CAN + $4,360 CAN thesis = $15,260 CAN ~ $12,273 USA

    23. Universitry of Massachusetts-Lowell http://continuinged.uml.edu/online/default.htm
    $410/hr. x 30 hrs. = $12,300
    Educational Administration; Reading & Language

    24. University of Otago www.otago.ac.nz/courses/distance_study/index.html
    $17,500 NZ ~ $12,515 US
    M.Ed.; M.Teach.

    25. Liberty University www.liberty.edu/DistanceLearning
    $350/hr. X 36-37 hrs. = $12,600-$12,950
    Administration and Supervision; Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education; Gifted Education; Reading Specialist; School Counseling; Secondary Education; Special Education

    26. Concordia University Wisconsin www.cuw.edu
    $420/hr. x 30-36 hrs. = $12,600-$15,120
    Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Administration; Reading

    27. Brenau University http://www.online.brenau.edu
    $383/hr. x 33-36 hrs. = $12,639-$13,788
    Early Childhood Education; Middle Grades Education

    28. Cambridge College www.cambridgecollege.edu
    $385/hr. x 33-38 hrs. = $12,705-$14,630
    Instructional Technology

    29. Northwestern State University www.nsula.edu/ece/ensu.asp
    $388.15/hr. x 33 hrs. = $12,808.95
    Adult Education; Educational Technology

    30. Texas Tech University www.dce.ttu.edu
    $430/hr. x 30-45 hrs. = $12,900-$19,350
    Educational Technology; Instructional Technology & Distance Learning; Language Literacy; Special Education

    31. Western Governors University www.wgu.edu
    $2,590 per 6-month term x 5 terms = $12,950
    Learning & Technology; Mathematics Education; Science Education

    32. Nova Southeastern University www.nova.edu
    $360/hr. x 36 hrs. = $12,960
    Bilingual Education; Brain Smart Teaching; Charter School Educational Leadership; Child and Youth Care; Computer Science Education; Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology; Curriculum and Teaching; Early Childhood Education Administration; Early Literacy and Reading Education; Education of Young Children; Educational Leadership; Educational Media; Educational Technology; Elementary Curriculum and Instruction; Elementary Education; Elementary Mathematics; Elementary Reading; English Education; Environmental Education; Exceptional Student Education; Family Support Studies; Gifted Education; High/Scope MS in Education; Innovative Teaching in Mathematics; Instructional Technology and Distance Education; Instructional Technology for Kintergarten through Grade 12; Interdisciplinary Arts; Jewish Education; Literacy Education; Management and Administration of Educational Programming; Mathematics Education; Multicultural Early Intervention Education; Pre-Kintergarten to Grade 3; Preschool Education; Reading Education; Science Education; Social Studies Education; Spanish Language; Special Education; Speech-Language Pathology; Sports Management; Substance Abuse Counseling Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Teaching and Learning; Teaching and Learning in the International School; Urban Studies

    33. Regis University www.regisonline.org
    $365/hr. x 36 hrs. = $13,140
    Professional Leadership

    34. Fielding Graduate Institute www.fielding.edu
    $370/hr. x 36 hrs. = $13,320
    Collaborative Educational Leadership

    35. Alliant International University www.alliant.edu
    $450/hr. x 30 hrs. = $13,500
    Teaching; Technology & Learning

    36. University of Calgary http://external.educ.ucalgary.ca/gder/index.html
    $1,404 CAN/half-course x 12 half-courses = $16,848 CAN ~ $13,550 USA
    Adult, Community, and Higher Education; Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies; Currficulum, Teaching, and Learning; Educational Leadership; Educational Technology

    37. Connecticut State University http://onlinecsu.ctstateu.edu
    $457/hr. x 30 hrs. = $13,710
    Educational Technology

    38. Lesley University www.lesley.edu
    $425/hr. x 33-36 hrs. = $14,025-$15,300
    Science in Education; Technology in Education

    39. Oral Roberts University www.oruonline.org
    $390/hr. x 36 hrs. = $14,040
    Christian School Administration; Curriculum Development; Postsecondary School Administration; Public School Administration; Teaching

    40. Pennsylvania State University www.outreach.psu.edu
    $469/hr. x 30-33 hrs. = $14,070-$15,477
    Adult Education; Curriculum & Instruction

    41. Institute for Educational Studies at Endicott College http://ties-edu.org
    $4800/semester x 3 semesters = $14,400
    Integrated Learning; Montessori Learning

    42. City University www.cityu.edu
    $300/hr. x 49-51 hrs. = $14,700-$15,300
    Curriculum & Instruction; Educational Leadership; English as a Second Language; Guidance and Counseling; Reading and Literacy; Teaching

    43. Regent University www.regent.edu/distance
    $460/hr. x 32-56 hrs. = $14,720-$25,700
    Christian School Program; Educational Leadership; Special Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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