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  1. Ted Heiks

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    Group projects = academic communism
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    The one thing I hated about my experience at AIU were the group projects. I understand the importance of working in teams in the real world. But, the majority of my group projects consisted of freeriding students benefitting from the effort put forth by the serious students. There is no feeling worse than seeing that the slackers in your group receiving the same "A" you did, although you were the only one producing quality work. For the sake of my sanity, I started to approach group projects as nothing more than expanded versions of individual assignments.

    If your group is made of quality members,however, group projects can be very rewarding. The group projects that I enjoyed consisted of the facilitator letting students form the group themselves. Those of us who were serious would group ourselves together, and let the slackers fend for themselves. With all members producing quality work, group projects were great because of the different perspectives brought to the table.
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    Say, whatever happened to the wonderful and mellifluous acronym or alliteration:


    Was it coined by some communistic, mass-controlling maestro incapable of dealing with individual rights, capabilities, and brilliance/quirks?

    Seriously though:

    As much as I agree with Gregg and others on avoiding group/team reports/study projects (for school purposes) if at all possible, let me emphasize Dr. Douglas' important point that building a sense of team work in your organization CAN (or may, not will) help you win and perform and achieve more in less time.

    In project management (on the job activity or course), building and participating in teams is almost a must, at some point: here is one, fairly decent how-to: example

    Say, even the "teamwork" socialismos can be correct once in a long and rare while.



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