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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by JoshD, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. JoshD

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    Yeah the four-week summer residencies would not work. I just do not have that much PTO.
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  2. JoshD

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    I think the other thing that has been torn is that I was accepted into these programs:

    MS Finance - Truslaske College of Business at the University of Missouri

    DBA - Grand Canyon University

    I currently work in banking so I think the MS Finance would be more applicable. However, a doctorate is always something I have wanted to do. Without a shadow of a doubt Mizzou has a far better reputation than GCU. I have a few months to decide I guess but it is definitely a tough decision.
  3. JimmyG

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    Actually I have the similar requirements as Josh does. I want to pursue a doctorate, but have to make a living with a full time job. Online or long distance PhD/DBA program in any countries would be the most prudent one for me with this pandemic of COVID-19. My problem is though I worked for global companies for more than a decade and could use English for communication, I didn't try any TOFEL or GRE test in the past, hence, I have no evidence for my English skill, It might be even more difficult to apply for such test for now when the coronavirus is spreading...:(
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  4. Acolyte

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    I don't have much to contribute here, I just wanted to say that Franklin University is located here in Columbus, and it has a good reputation here and in the region especially in business circles. They are very focused on the adult learner. I actually signed up for the MBA program back in 2006 after I graduated from Ohio State (at 35 years old) and I was very impressed with their approach, their communication, and their virtual courseware (especially for the time) - ultimately I decided not to pursue the MBA at that time and dropped after a couple of weeks. They were very supportive in both encouraging you that you "can do this" - offering help in every way possible - and also with, "You have to do it when you are ready to do it. It's a commitment." type of thing. I was impressed and it left a good feel about the university itself. I have three family members that graduated from Franklin University back in the late 60's when it was still just a "business college" and hadn't been fully accredited as the University that it is today. (I think they got accreditation back in the 1970's) Anyway, .02. Good luck with your search.

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