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    I am not sure if these programs are available to students outside of Ghana. However, they are nonetheless, distance learning.

    Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

    • The undergraduate programs cost about $410/year (or up to $710 depending on the discipline).
    • The 2-year graduate programs cost about $1,150 in year one and $410 in year two.
    • The one-year graduate programs cost about $1,400.
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  2. Johann

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    From the wording on the associated IDL (Institute of Distance Learning) page, I gather they mean distance-ed within Ghana. A quote:

    " With our Centres scattered across the country, we are able to provide timeous and quality learning support to students living in different parts of the country, thus reducing travel expenses and inconvenience. Our blended learning approach, highly skilled faculty and staff, as well as state-of-the-art delivery infrastructure, has made IDL – KNUST, the toast of many patrons. Our limited and periodic face-to-face sessions also allow for students to bond and socialise for social capital advantages. With our unique form of distance learning where the core and seasoned faculty of KNUST facilitate our programmes across the country, one can be sure of the quality of our output."

    It's here: https://idl.knust.edu.gh/page/about/welcome-message-director

    PS. "timeous" (line 1) is a real word - I had to look it up. Ghana's English is better than mine. :)
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    Also - mid-terms and finals for distance courses are held at the study centres (all in Ghana). Must attend in person - be there 30 min. before exam time. Good find, Chris - but not for us, as non-residents of Ghana.

    It's all here: https://idl.knust.edu.gh/page/academics/regulations-conduct-knust-idl-examinations

    PS - I remember Kwame Nkrumah from the news, back in my teens. He led Ghana to Independence in 1957 (when I was 14) and was her first Prime Minister.
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    @Johann Good research. I was on the site yesterday and today but saw nothing about the examinations. I checked the FAQs too.
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  7. Johann

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    So did I. Right - no mention. I guess exams are not a FAQ to Ghanaian students - they likely know, in general, what to expect in their own country. And thanks for the encouraging comment about my research, Chris. Maybe I'll try for a PhD some time. It's kinda late but ... you never know. :)
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    This is common in that part of the world.

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