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  1. Carroll

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    I am hoping someone can provide some insight. I am desperately looking for an online/ hybrid program for school psychology. I am a 40 yr old teacher who wants to change professions yet stay in school system. I have a family so relocating is not an option. I have a M.Ed so I am looking at ED.S or doctoral (preferably ED.S because I am not ready for dissertation)

    The only program that I have found is an ED.S at Eastern Washington University. (I plan to apply) and Capella ( seems to be too risky being that they are not Nasp approved)

    Am I missing something? Are there other programs that I am overlooking?

    Does anyone have any info on the Eastern Washington program? Is it hard to get into?

    Again any insight would be very helpful. I feel like I have been researching and researching, but keep coming up empty.

    Thank you in advance
  2. Kizmet

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    My first thought is this . . . most programs in School Psychology are probably Masters degrees, not EdS' or EdDs. I'm certain that there's more than you've found. Stay tuned.
  3. Kizmet

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  4. Carroll

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    Thank you. Unfortunately, other than Eastern Washington, these programs are for Educational psych and not School Psych ☹.

    After speaking with many of the schools on this list I have learned that Educational psych is very different from school psychology and will not allow me to get certified to work in the school system.

    I truly appreciate you help and the link
  5. AsianStew

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    From the link, there are a couple options. You should check #5 that has NASP and also #1 from that list has an EDS School Psychology option.
    I haven't personally clicked onto the schools websites to verify their offerings, but those programs seem very affordable indeed.
  6. cookderosa

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    Anytime you throw in a "licensure" filter, after the "school psychology" filter - well, that just clogs up the possibility for altruism.
    No question you can start with graduate level Psychology (probably over 2000 of them) then filter from there, but there probably aren't a lot of options via distance learning AND licensure in this field and EDS and licensure for secondary education.
    I would suggest starting at your dept of ed's website and seeing if they have a list of schools. I checked mine, and they did, so that would be my suggestion.
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  8. riah

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    Fort Hays State University might be of interest as I believe they offer a hybrid online program:

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