Dissapointed in European DL in Psychology

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  1. xygirl

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    After lots of research, talking and calling around, I decided to stick to counseling Psychology, because that remains my main interest.
    Here I am, trying to find a DL in Europe to be able to practice Counseling in the future. I was hoping to find a Masters degree in Counseling.

    Guess what? I can't find any. I just got off the phone with OU and even they only give a 'Diploma' at the level of my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Great, I have this US Bachelor's for nothing?
    I would like to find a college in Europe for reasons as finances and also maybe staying here in the future. Don't know yet.

    1. Can I not be able to practice Counseling in Europe through a DL Program (without the Dr level)?
    2. I can't seem to find a list of DL in psychology in Europe, especially Counseling or Sports Psychology.

    I guess some things are better developed in the States, but they want so much money for it!!!!

  2. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    And what do you have against American DL programs in Psychology?
  3. simon

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    Are you certain this time that you are ready to commit to the profession of Counseling Psychology?

    If you are, there are obviously numerous USA DL Counseling Psychology degree pathways for you to achieve your goal. As you are probably aware, if you are interested in eventually working in the US it is in one's best interests to seek a regionally accredited adegree program. If you wish to work in Europe why don't you speak with admissions counselors at several european universities to discuss your career goals!

    You appear to understand the scope of the issue so the bottomline centers around your readiness to commit yourself financially and personally to making a realistic decision to enter an appropriate graduate degree program that will eventuate in a positive outcome.
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  4. Ted Heiks

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    xygirl: One more post till Senior Member status!
  5. GME

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    There are master's level clinicians in Europe, but it is generally not as formalized as in the US, at least from a licensure point of view.

    That said, it is extremely unlikely you will find a completely distance learning graduate degree in counseling or clinical psychology since there is an immense practicum element to these fields

    Here's a resource that contains a wealth of info:
  6. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    Hi ,
    Thank you for that website, I will email them right away and hope they can further help me to find colleges.
    You said
    'There are master's level clinicians in Europe'
    Would you know or recommend any?
    Even if not entirely DL, I do understand this.

    I did mention 'my reasons for finances' as far as US degrees and also the fact that "I may not move to the States". That would be the main reasons for my search in Europe.

    I will browse that one site a bit more, but I haven't found any recommended universities yet.

    Thank you very much
  7. euphoric

    euphoric New Member

    Xy you need to figure out if even the government will recognise such degrees before you spend your time and money..

    Greece does not recognize any private (non-state) education for purposes of civil service status, nor does it recognize distance education. Legislation has been proposed to change this constitutional policy, but we have not heard of any progress other than massive demonstrations against change by the academic and civil service unions.

    There is a possibility that any degree you completed while in the USA, and possibly some credits, might be accepted toward a Greek qualification. The prohibition is mainly aimed against private institutions operating in Greece, not foreign institutions that are lawfully accredited in national systems outside Greece (other than distance education).
  8. euphoric

    euphoric New Member

    by the way check out www.britishcouncil.org you can find some Uk colleges that offer DL psych programs that might be accepted in your country..

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