Disposition of diplomas?

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  1. Craig Hargis

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    Don't you mean Bears' guide to John Bear, 14th ed., covering both accredited and unaccredited DL and short residency John Bears?

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    Interesting thread.

    Mine are on my wall in my office along with my honors certificate. When I earned the M.A. I spent the money to have it professionally framed (along with the honors certificate). When I stuck it on the wall I realized that it did not look much better (if at all) than the $10 Kodak frame. So, lesson learned, when I finish my doctorate I will be searching for another inexpensive frame.

    I do not have a High School diploma. At the time I graduated the province I was from did not issue a diploma. We simply got copies of our transcripts mailed. Diplomas were saved for college graduation. When I first saw the US diploma and handy-dandy wallet card I was amused. It looked impressive.


  3. John Bear

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    Puzzler update

    No, no one in my family tree named or ever called Jamie.

    No, no connection with James Kirk of LaSalle (who claimed once to have made a fortune by making cardboard 3-D movie viewing glasses) or anybody from any other school (although entirely by coincidence, the lawyer friend in New Orleans who represented me when Kirk and LaSalle sued me for untold millions, 7 or 8 years ago, was named Jamie).

    No, there is no personal connection with the "Three" in the title; it only stands for the number of jurors the corrupt lawyer (in the movie) hopes to bribe, to get his client Jamie Dawn, off.
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  4. Rich Douglas

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    Could the word "Jeopardy" have anything to do with it? Say, a second place finish and a trip won that wasn't really worth the taxes?

  5. Nicole-HUX

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    I'm beginning to feel like Arlene Francis

    Okay, well, the poster is up on a wall with objects (diplomas) celebrating achievement. You would have been 18 at the time the movie came out.

    Did the movie have something to do with your high school graduation? Did you appear in the movie or have a personal connection with the director or something else we might only be able to discern if we were to watch the movie and/or were Gus Sainz?
  6. OK, I got it. If you look at the very bottom of the poster you will see the name "John Klempner." Klempner was John's original surname, which he changed (in 1969) to Bear when he married Marina Dubrolubova.

    This John Klempner is John's father, and he wrote either the short story the movie was based on, or the original screenplay, or both (I can't tell from the poster).
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  7. Dr. Colleen

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    Ours (mine and my husband's) are hanging up in my home office, double matted with black frames. Looking at the four of them now, only one has the same name. Two are from Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey), Ba and MS. One is from Glassboro State College (now Rowan College), BS. One is from Century University, Ph.D.

    The College of NJ and Rowan have contacted us to get updated diplomas with the new college names, but, why bother?
  8. Actually, now Rowan University (since 1997). Rowan has had the following names: Glassboro Normal School, New Jersey State Teachers College at Glassboro, Glassboro State College, Rowan College of New Jersey, Rowan University.
  9. Leslie

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    Hmmmm ....let's see now....hs diploma, bachelors degree, teaching certificate, insurance license, securities license, self defense instructor certificate, private investigator state registration, security guard license, firearms license, masters degree, graduate certificate, ......um..... wonder what I forgot?

    Oh yeah -- I forgot where any of these are -- except the grad cert and ms diploma which have been sitting unopened on the top of a bookcase in the basement for the past year.

    Leslie *a devoted pack rat who has no clue where anything is after five moves in 25 years -- except all the kids' toys that are now worth a fortune*
  10. Nicole-HUX

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    re: John Klempner

    John, did you have something to do with this study or did you study with John Klempner while you were working on your doctorate or at some other period in your career?
  11. Here is UMI entry for John's dissertation:
    • UMI ORDER NO: AAD66-08473
      Degree: PH.D.
      Year: 1966
      Corporate Source/Institution: MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY (0128)
      Descriptors: PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL
      Descriptor Codes: 0451
    I got this from an old AED post: mORE uLTIMATE dIVINE tRUTH.
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  12. John Bear

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    Gert is right. (Send me an address so I can send you a book; [email protected]).

    My father, John Klempner, was an accountant for 25 years at Westvaco. He started writing novels in his 40s. 20th Century Fox bought the rights to his Letter to Five Wives and hired him to work on the screenplay. This man who had literally never been more than 30 miles from Times Square suddenly had a bungalow and two secretaries on the Fox lot in Hollywood. While he worked on the screenplay, Joseph Manckiewicz did the lion's share, and won the Oscar for best screenplay for it. My father got a mention at the awards ceremony.

    And then he was blacklisted. This was the McCarthy era, and, while I don't think he ever joined anything, he played bridge and tennis with the 'wrong' people. For a year or so, he got some work, including turning his novelette Three for Jamie Dawn into a low-budget movie (but with real stars of the time: June Havoc, etc.). He only wrote one other movie (yes, Gus has tracked that one down, too!), and then went back to being an accountant.

    When our first book proposal was accepted (by Harcourt Brace) in the late 60s, we told my father about the name change, suggesting (among other things) that two authors with the name John Klempner was perhaps one too many. His immediate and unexpected response was, "No, two to many. I've always wanted to change my name, but I never had the courage to do it." He even had his new name picked out, and applauded our courage for doing it.

    Incidentally, I finally got around to converting my MSU dissertation into a consumer book, which Ten Speed published 6 or 7 years ago as Send This Jerk the Bedbug Letter: how corporations, politicians, and the media deal with consumer complaints...
  13. Nicole-HUX

    Nicole-HUX New Member

    Congrats Gert! At least now I know why I couldn't find John's dissertation listed in the MSU library catalog.
  14. Nicole-HUX

    Nicole-HUX New Member

    That must be Give My Regards to Broadway, 1948, in which the son gives up show biz for a career in major league baseball. {g} I'll watch for it.
  15. Bill Highsmith

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    My BS & MS diplomas are framed, but are currently in a closet.

    More importantly (at the risk of gaining Dr. Bear's AED reputation for getting fake degrees), I have created three other diplomas that are on walls in various locales:

    My honorary granddaughter has a Pamper's University PhD (potty higher degree) in recognition of her prodigious accomplishments in potty training. This was done through home schooling because no public school would have given her the opportunity at such an early age.

    My eldest nephew has a St. George University International PhD in Music Performance in recognition of his high school band's appearance at Universal Studios. (SGUI used to put a sample diploma on their website, which could be downloaded and "doctored" with a paint program.)

    My younger nephew has a St. George University International PhD in Advanced Secondary Mathematics, in recognition of his demonstrated superior seventh-grade math skills. (He was told that if any of his teachers gave him any grief, he could say, "excuse me, but I have PhD, and you have what degree?")
  16. drwetsch

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    I have all of my diplomas nicely framed and on the wall of my home office in my den. I am now waiting for my UWS diploma to arrive and wondering where to hang it -- running out of wall. My wife allows me some vanity wall space the rest is reserved for art or family photos.


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