Disposition of diplomas?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Bruce, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    I was doing some housecleaning this afternoon, which included dusting my bookshelf. I came across all my college diplomas (as well as my HS diploma), still in their leather binders, stuffed into the bookshelf. My wife wants to frame & display them, but I really couldn't care less.

    This got me thinking as to where everyone else has stashed/displayed their various diplomas?

  2. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    What a great thread-starter!

    I hang mine on a wall in my office, in standard 8x10 frames (black for Regents, cherry oak for CSUDH); the leather binders are filed away somewhere, and may be put to use again when the novelty wears off.

  3. My 3 university degrees are stashed in the back of a closet in a spare room. I occasionally pull them out when some bureaucrat (in HR, university admissions, etc.) needs to see them or to get a copy. I have no high school records whatsoever, let alone a diploma, and this has caused me quite a few hassles over the years.
  4. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    I have a framed version of my undergrad degree ahnging next to my PE and Contractotrs license and my patent. But not my MBA. the originals are on a shelf in our living room. Probably should get my MBA framed now that I think of it.

    I have photocopies (color) that I hang at work (sometimes - move a lot (harder target to hit)).
  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Five college degrees, a high school diploma, an insurance license, a securities license, and dozens of certificates of training from Xerox, Prudential, Corrections Corporation, AT&T, and the Air Force, all stacked in a pile on a shelf in my den. I promised myself (and my wife) to remedy that when I get the big one....

    Rich Douglas
  6. cbkent

    cbkent Member

    Mine are in a box in the basement.
  7. Ha.

    I had my AS/BS diplomas, my academy certificate, and a few miscellaneous awards/citations matted and framed, then sprang into action and dutifully stacked them all on a shelf in my office. Hey, the edges of the frames look pretty good next to all of those books.
  8. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I've got the three real ones hanging on the office wall, in cheap K-mart frames, between the counterfeit Harvard M.D. (more elegant than any of the real ones), and a poster for the movie called Three for Jamie Dawn (and, what the heck, let's make it an early spring puzzler, an autographed copy of our How to Repair Food book for the first person who deduces why that movie poster is there).

    John Bear
    [email protected]
  9. Nicole-HUX

    Nicole-HUX New Member

    Well, unless you have a thing for Laraine Day {g}, the tag line for the movie sure sums up the state of being the conscience of distance learning these days:

    Strangers one moment .. partners in jeopardy the next!
  10. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    My CSUDH MA diploma is in the folder thing that they sent it in, in a manila envelope, on top of my bookcase.

    My SF State BA diploma is in a box in the basement somewhere.

    I don't know where my 1966 highschool diploma is, or even if it still exists.

    The interesting part is that I've never had any formal occasion to show any of them to anyone. I've had many applications ask about my education and I assume that the information I gave was verified. But nobody has ever wanted to see the physical diplomas themselves.
  11. Gus Sainz

    Gus Sainz New Member


    I know the answer, but having won the last two Puzzlers, I was informed that I was ineligible to participate. :D
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  12. Lajazz947

    Lajazz947 New Member

    Do I take myself too seriously? I display my University diploma's on a wall in my office for all to see.

    ( It makes me look more intelligent, LOL )
  13. This is presumably the poster: 3 For Jamie Dawn. I will take a guess that the connection is something related to Ronald Pellar.
  14. mamorse

    mamorse New Member

    I display my diplomas in a box in my closet for no one to see...:D
    (Heck, it's not as if I have anything to be ashamed of!)
  15. Lajazz947

    Lajazz947 New Member

    OK, OK. There's no comma in diplomas.
  16. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Puzzler update

    Yes, Gus got it within minutes. Next time, I'll try to come up with something worthy of him!

    No, Gert, nothing to do with Pellar. He was married to Lana Turner, but I don't think he ever had anything to do with the movies himself.

    No, Nicole. I'd never even noted the slogan on the posters. (Well yes, I have two of them, one featuring Larraine Day* and the other Ricardo Montalban.**)

    *Nothing to do with her baseball connection, or his Corinthian leather connection.
  17. Hmmm... So I'll have to go with Thomas James Kirk, who had something to do with the film business, at least.
  18. Craig Hargis

    Craig Hargis Member

    Mine are framed, but only the Th.D. is framed nicely. They are up on the wall in my room. I want another one. This is probably a compensatory gesture to make up for the missing high school diploma. I never graduated, because I started college instead of going for my senior year, a fairly common path, at least down in New Orleans in the early seventies.

  19. John has three legitimate degrees and three daughters so perhaps the "Three for Jamie Dawn" means three degrees and/or daughters dedicated to Jamie Dawn? ???
  20. Nicole-HUX

    Nicole-HUX New Member

    Or maybe his mother or grandmother's (or father or grandfather's) name is Jamie, and he promised her/him he'd get the diplomas?

    What worries me is where Gus got the John Bear's Guide to John Bear. {g}

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