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  1. BlueMason

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    Good grief man! Slow down :) You'll burn yourself out!
  2. MichaelR

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    what exactly is an undergraduate certificate, and what type of utility does it have versus a bachelors degree?
  3. sentinel

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    Well, I have decided to put my ambitions for a doctorate degree on the back burner. I am going to focus my studies on digital forensics and a general overview of the traditional areas of forensic science in preparation for next autumn when law school will consume much of my non-paid waking hours.

    So, I am slowing down... really.
  4. peter2008

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    Digital Forensics

    It is proposed that the purpose of digital forensic analysis tools is to accurately present all data at a layer of abstraction and format. The Journal of Digital Forensic Practice is a knowledge resource for practitioners of digital investigation, digital forensic science, electronic fraud.
    Our mission is to provide high quality end to end solutions to the BPO segment in a manner that will improve the operational efficiency while reducing the cost of the services to the client.
    [email protected]
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    Hi Guys....

    Sorry for the delay. School is going well. I am taking two classes. One is a general forensics class - the instructor is not so great....but I look at as a necessary evil....the course material inself is interesting. It spans from blood, bullets to PC's, ethics...you name it.

    The other course I am taking is computer forensics - much more narrowly focused on just digital devices. there are lab assignements (done at home) discussion topics and two exams. I just took the first and managed to score a B when some of the guys who have tons of computer certifications made D's. I think I got pretty lucky. This course, so far, is very low level, partitions, boot records, hex data and so on. At first I struggled, but it seems to be making a lot more sense to me.

    Feel free to ask questions....
  6. Kizmet

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    The whole thing sounds too cool to me. I ran into a guy a while back who works in a state police electronic forensic lab. He was telling me that they're waaay backed up with work because so many crimes are either electronic in nature or electronic involved. I think you guys might be surfing the edge.
  7. MichaelR

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    This is a degree that i have wanted to chase since i heard it was around. To bad i can't do it at the moment.
  8. MichaelR

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    Cool beans! I kind of envy you.

    Once thing i have learned is there are alot of people with alot of computer certifications that can't fight there way out of a wet bag with the end cut off and rocket launcher..... Not to say that all people with Certs don't know what they are doing.

    I have worked with many A+ technicians that didn't know how to do jack on a computer outside of turn it on.
  9. sentinel

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    Oh, you've been to Best Buy lately too?

    In my opinion, worth less than a random QOTD on my GNU/Linux box, only those who can build a computer system from parts, not actually design and solder the circuit boards, should be allowed in any discipline remotely related to IT. Normal users function without that skill but those in the technical realm really ought to maintain higher standards for entry.

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