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  1. lathlaw

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    I am receiving my degree from Ashworth College, a DETC accredited school. I am currently registering for the LSAC credential service so I can apply to law schools. In order to register with the credential service I have to select my undergrad degree granting institution from a drop down bar. My school is not in the list, I guess because they have not registered. So, what do I choose? Anybody who has had to deal with this please help me out! Thank you!
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I guess I'm not sure why you are asking us as opposed to the organization that is registering you? Don't THEY have the final answer?
  3. ITJD

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    They do but they get back to you in the 48hour to 5 business day range. In case you didn't know, this is the refuge for people that are waiting for info, because the LSAC search feature doesn't work well :)
  4. kozen

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    I went to the website and found this; pls read the bold prints

    Welcome to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) credential evaluation and reporting service for LLM candidates. This credential-assembly service is solely for graduates of law schools outside of the US, who wish to obtain a Master of Laws (LLM) degree (or other comparable law degree) from a participating U.S. law school. Candidates educated solely in the US are not eligible for and do not require this service.

    Meaning you do not require this service at all if your degree is obtain in US. This service is ONLY for graduates graduated outside US,and wanting to obtain a LLM with a US school.
  5. GeneralSnus

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    He's talking about the Credential Assembly Service where "LSAC collects the US and Canadian academic records of law school applicants and summarizes the undergraduate work according to a standard 4.0 system to simplify the admission process."

    The information you posted is for the LLM Credential Assembly Service.
  6. lathlaw

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    Yes, I have to apply to law school through this service. And to register for the credential assembly service I have to select my undergraduate school. But it is not listed. I contacted the law school directly and they said they accepted nationally accredited undergrad degrees. So I'm confused on what to choose as my undergrad institution on the LSAC registration.
  7. agent445

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    It doesn't explain why you didn't contact LSAC:

    LSAC Support Center
  8. Kizmet

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    This law school stuff is something I know nothing about but I have to say that 2-5 days for an official response doesn't seem that bad to me.
  9. lathlaw

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    I am just asking on this thread to see if someone that has been through the process might be able to give me a faster response.
  10. Casey

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    Not all schools have LSAC codes....

    I applied to law school back in 2003. Both of my undergrad schools had LSAC codes, but my MBA school did not. That school was listed on my LSAC transcript as "Misc4yr2000". It's not a big deal. Call LSAC if you need help.

    After I got into law school, I convinced my MBA school to register with LSDAS. They now have a regular number.

    *Oh, and good luck with law school!!
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