Dems Dirty Tricks Turn Greens Red...

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Orson, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Orson

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    Democrats Dirty Tricks campaign attempts to subvert Nader's ballot access in Oregon. Dems dontt' contest. Will they apologize?

    '[Nader]said that while representatives of an antitax group encouraged Republicans to attend a meeting last Saturday in Portland, Ore., to help him collect 1,000 signatures, he said Democrats were 'infiltrating' the same meeting merely to block other supporters from getting in.

    "Mr. Nader said Democrats crowded into a meeting hall, kept other people out and gave the false impression that they had signed petitions for him.

    "Democratic officials did not dispute Mr. Nader's account.

    "'I felt it as my obligation due to the dirty tricks that the far right were doing to stack the seats at that convention,' said Moses Ross,* communications secretary for the Multnomah County Democratic Party. 'I felt obliged to encourage our Democrats to do something about that.'"

    *Proving that Clintonian rationalization is not limited to a president but is an endemic disease perpetuated by the risible Terry McAulliffe, DNC chairman.

  2. DesElms

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    Ralph Nader never has and never will -- ever -- have a chance to win the U.S. Presidency. That's just a fact.

    But what he does have the power to do is to take votes away from the Democratic candidate and, by so doing, help the Republican candidate win -- as we saw in the last presidential election.

    Nader is not stupid. He knows this. And though I have always respected his consumer protection activism, I am angered nearly beyond my ability to put into words by his steadfast denial of his spoiler role.

    The Green Party wants to make what I consider to be a valid (even if unsound) point about the need for a third political party. Unfortunately, in their zeal they ignore the realities of the situation. We are a two-party system and certainly for as long as anyone reading these words shall live -- and probably longer -- every president will be either a Democrat or a Republican. That being the case, the Greens should, in my opinion, stop and notice that the votes they take away from either of the two major parties' candidates are mostly taken from Democrats -- in huge numbers (in other words, nearly none of the votes taken from either of the two major party candidates are ever taken from the Republican candidate). Since the espoused goals of Greens are nearly always closer to what Democrats (and not Republicans) promise; and since, given those goals, it's difficult to see why any Green could ever possibly be happy with a Republican in office in any case, one would think that Greens and Nader (since they're not always one in the same) would wise up and realize that the only way to achieve anything even remotely close to what they want to achieve without also shooting both themselves and the rest of the country in the foot is to work from within the system to achieve their desired change.

    Greens and Nader (remembering, again, that they're not always on the same team) refuse to "get it," as any good radical activist should. Once the game elevates to the level of radical activism, gloves come off.

    Add to that the possibility that Republicans, knowing that Greens and Nader hurt Democrats more than Republicans, are secretly funding, motivating and generally supporting Greens and the likes of folks like Ralph Nader, I think that what the radical Democratic activists did in Portland was totally appropriate.

    Bravo! Maybe now the Republicans know what it's like to finally be on the receiving end of the actions of activists who are willing to pull out all the stops and win at all costs -- like Jeb Bush, et al, did in Florida in 2000; and like dangerous liars like Bill O'Reilly do every single night on the nefarious FOX NEWS CHANNEL.
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  3. Orson

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    Yes - let's be completely anti-Democratic in our "Democ[R]at Party" - and let the US become more like [email protected] Bravo!!

    C.f. Pat Cadell's indictment of this evil "party" - the corrupt 'Crypto-Gangsters [who have Have Taken Over the Democratic Party!'

    "[W]hen you have National Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, who put in $100,000 into Global Crossing and walked off with $18,000,000 as your National Chairman, it tells you the moral and integrity level my party has been reduced to at the DNC. You're going to have Terry McAuliffe going out as he did the other day calling the President of the United States a liar? What is wrong with these people?"

    "The reason the founding fathers gave us the 1st Amendment was not because they liked the press. Just read Thomas Jefferson. They did it to protect the American people. When the press decides that its job is to decide who should be President and who should be not, what truth you should know, what truth you should not, they destroy the very premise for a 1st Amendment, and that threatens our freedom."
  4. Orson

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    Oh. And my car now proudly sports a home-made bumper sticker.

    It reads "DEMS 'R EVIL!"

    Op-ed to follow.

  5. Orson

    Orson New Member

    ...Because the ends [don't] justify the means - unless you are the party of Tricky Dick! [Nixon made me a Dem, until Clinton reversed any 'magic' upon me, inaugurating our era of Tricky Dick Dems!]

    If your not a part of the solution, you're part of the problem - that's why I shame 87% Dem voting Boulder, Colorado.

  6. Rich Douglas

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    Don't we have a separate section for this stuff?
  7. grgrwll

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    This doesn't prove shit, other than that you are obviously blinded to the fact that such dirty tricks occur on both sides of the aisle.

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