Degrees or Certificates in Unix technology?

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    Anyone know of any degrees in unix technology? Only thing I found that was close was this and it looks like it is not online:


    Associate of Applied Science
    Linux / Unix Systems Technology

    Linux and Unix Systems have long been the foundation of the Internet and services like the World Wide Web, and today, one of the fastest employment growth areas is in Linux and Unix Systems Technology and Internet service administration.

    In this program, you will:

    Understand open systems standards and technologies associated with Linux and Unix platforms.
    Study shell programming and Linux/Unix System Administration in depth.
    Be introduced to operating system concepts, hardware, and programming.
    Learn the essentials of networking.

    More than 300,000 UNIX installations worldwide support over a million users. In comparison with other existing operating systems, UNIX offers more flexibility and a greater set of comprehensive services. Its powerful features permit many users to use one system, and the multitasking capacity allows users to perform several processes at the same time. Its support of open systems architecture, and its unique multitasking features, have made UNIX one of the most popular operating systems today.

    The UMass Lowell online Certificate Program in UNIX is designed for those currently in the computer industry who want to upgrade their skills, and for those with basic computer literacy who want to enter this fast-growing field. The program curriculum combines theory and practical applications.

    Program Highlights:

    Flexibility and Convenience
    Students learn skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace as well as C Programming, the language in which most networking software is written
    Courses in the UNIX certificate program may be used to satisfy requirements in the Information Technology and Data/Telecommunications Certificate Programs, as well as the Associates and Bachelors degrees in Information Technology.

    The degree can either be online or in the Chicago Land area.

    Thanks guys!!
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    Not sure exactly what you're looking for but O'Rielly has this online cert, awarded by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

    Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate

    Their site says "Back To School Special: SAVE 30% Extended until 09/10, use promo code backtoschool09 to get a 30% discount on all courses!" So if someone registered for all four of them now, the cost would be ($398 * 4) * 0.7 = $1,114.40. The last time I was at the site they had a different promo going on though, so they seem to offer discounts frequently.

    I'm not sure how that would differ from a "Linux technology" cert, so if this isn't what you're looking for you could explain the differences. :)

    There's also several self-study programs to help people achieve LPIC certification, ex TESC's online program:

    Linux Certification Online Self-Study Program ($295)
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    UCLA Extension has a Certificate in Linux/Unix but currently only Ruby and Perl electives seem to be available online.

    I know this is not what you were asking for, but you might want to check this out.

    It would give you Sun industrial certification plus ACE recommendations for college credit.
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    A degree specializing in unix? ..wouldn't touch it. You will be much better served by obtaining certificates, a couple that jump to mind immediately are Linux+ and LPI's linux certs; there are red hat certifications...

    Plenty of Universities / Colleges offer *nix courses / certs / diplomas. What is your current knowledge of *nix and perl/C? I used to do unix server installations and still am involved in the *nix world (many years of experience) and LPI certs and Linux+ are pretty well widely accepted as they demonstrate a good understanding of the OS.
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    Nice find!
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    I agree with you in that a certification can help individuals get there foot in the door, but UNIX is around to stay. A specialized degree in UNIX can only help someone who is trying to enter the field. Because it is so easy to cheat on a certification test I would rather hire an individual with a UNIX certificate from a school/university (plus it doesn’t expire).
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    Just to clarify: The TESC study program isn't a certificate/certification itself; it's just a self-paced preparation course to help someone become LPIC-1 certified. It sounds like the UKansas program is similar (ie, it prepares someone to pass the test to become LPIC-1 certified, but doesn't award it directly or guarantee you'll pass) ... however the UKansas program you also gets you 5 CE credits and a "certificate of completion" from UKansas for your studies.
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    If you’re looking for a UNIX certificate in the Chicago area looks like Oakton Community College offers a program.

    10 Semester Credit Hours
    Curriculum: 0154
    Courses for a Certificate Credit Hours
    CIS 118 Introduction to the UNIX Operating System 2
    CIS 218 Advanced Operating Systems using UNIX 2
    CIS 228 UNIX Administration 3
    CIS 238 of CNS 238 UNIX Network Services Administration 3
    Total Semester Credit Hours for Certificate: 10
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    As an engineer in a Solaris shop - and someone whose first OS was Unix (Xenix! Google it!) - I concur.

    The Unix community prides itself in being fiercely independent and non-conformist. Formal credentialing has never really taken off in the Unix community. Such credentials are, actually, viewed quite skeptically. Experience counts for much.

    The RHCE may be an exception to this rule in some shops...but for this you should focus on getting an RHCE, not some generic AA in Unix.

    If you REALLY want a formal credential to showcase committment to walking the Unix path, obtain a CS degree in which your project work was done in the C programming language.

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    Bad news everyone looks like University of Kansas Online Linux certificate has been cut.

    On a positive note the University of Buffalo seems to have picked up the same program with 5 CEUs & a certificate too...
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    Has anyone saw any new programs for Linux/UNIX certificates online?
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