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    So, I've read tons of material on testing out of college, this is something I want to pursue and do my self. I have about 60 credits from traditional colleges. The problem I always run into is that none of these articles talk about the actual degree requirements. What tests should i be taking to get the degree? Which degree is the most efficient for what requirements I already have (mostly math and physics classes with some gen-eds.). If anyone could point me in the right direction for the answers to some of these questions that would be great. Just a little aside. I plan to complete the degree via tests then move to another country to teach English (Japan, Korea etc. Some where that requires a degree. Is this something that is possible with a degree like this or are there some schools that the visa offices will not recognize as accredited colleges? If so which ones should i be looking at and what methods should i be trying to pursue?
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    Each school has its own degree equirements. It would be best for you to contact individual schools for that information rather than simply accept something told to you here. Get the official requirements then start to build your credits. As for part 2 of your question, if you eventually earn a degree from an RA college in the USA then you can have some substantial confidence that it will be accepted worldwide. But since you've named no degree, no school and named no country, how could anyone actually answer your question?
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