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  1. pallensf

    pallensf New Member

    Hello forum -

    I have a question concerning the University of North West,

    I was approved for my BSBA degree, based on my prior college credits, prior life experience as well as owning my own business.

    They have many accreditations listed on their site, however, it is not indicative of the accreditation from the US Department of Education.

    The cost for obtaining my degree is US $250.00.

    Has anyone heard of this university, and if so, does it seem valid for me to move forward to get my BSBA?

    Thank you for any and all feedback.

  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Your link does not work. I find them at .

    If you are referring to the University of the North West in South Africa, then it is a legitimate and recognized tertiary institution. The degrees awarded by this school would generally be considered comparable to those awarded by accredited institutions in the U.S.

    As a non-U.S. school, there would be no reason for them to hold accreditation by a USDOE-recognized accreditor.

    It is interesting that you say they will award you a bachelor's degree based upon prior college credits and work experience alone, requiring no new learning/coursework.

    Also, I do not find listed the degree you say you will be awarded. The school offers the Bachelor of Administration and the Bachelor of Commerce, but not a "BSBA."

    However, if what you say is accurate, then it seems a terrific bargain.
  3. bgossett

    bgossett New Member

  4. pallensf

    pallensf New Member

    Thanks for the reply Rich -

    I sent through the forum administrator the correct link that I am referring to.

    Could you view it and then get back to me?

    Thank you,

  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, thanks, Bill. The link was mis-typed in the original post. (It included a period that shouldn't have been there.)

    Clearly, this outfit is playing for confusion with the real school, hence its mis-leading url. People looking for the real UNW who forget to add the "za" at the end will get this fake UNW. (And if they remember the "za," they just get a dead end.)

    Many listed accreditations, none real and/or recognized.

    Degrees awarded for past experiences, called "Fast Track." Very cheap. Very fake.

    No faculty listed.

    Provides a "verification service." Legitimate schools don't do this, nor do they need to do this.

    Home office in Wyoming. 'Nuff said there.

    This UNW is not a university. You will not get a legitimate degree, just a piece of paper that might fool a few people into thinking you earned yours from the real school. Don't get caught.
  6. bgossett

    bgossett New Member

    UNW does not appear on the list of licensed degree granting institutions at .

    The Cheyenne address given on the web site and on the domain registration is also that of a registered agent, among others. It is also less than two miles from K-W's facilities.
  7. pallensf

    pallensf New Member

    Response from University of North West

    Here is a reply I received today...ADVICE, please?

    Thank you...

    Dear Patrick,

    Greetings from University of NorthWest!

    Thank you for taking interest in our program.
    Quick answers to your questions.

    "Would the diploma read as a BSBA degree?"
    Our record shows you are eligible for Diploma in Business Administration,
    not for graduate program. However, we offer bachelors in business
    administration, which is read as BBA.

    "And, would the degree be recognized by the US Department of Education?"
    University of NorthWest is an international university, claiming no
    accreditation from regionally recognised accrediting agencies of US such as
    DETC. However, our chain of world-wide study centers are fully recognised by
    their respective governments and our degrees are widely acceptable.

    If you are interested in your diploma program, kindly submit us the
    following documents.

    1. 4 Passport size (Blue Background) recent photographs.
    2. Letter of Recommendation from your employer.
    3. Experience Certificate(s)
    4. Copies of your academic record(s), certificate(s) and degree(s).
    5. Character Certificate
    6. Project/Thesis/Dissertation done previously.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesistate to contact

    Admissions Office
    University of NorthWest
    Fax: 1-809-6979125
  8. What is a "character certificate"? Is this something that the kids get from Mickey Mouse or one of the other characters at Disneyworld?

    Seriously, I have no idea what "character certificate" is.
  9. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    This outfit is going to greater-than-usual lengths to appear legitimate. It also seems to be continuing its effort to confuse people with the real South African school with a similar name.

    The phone number they give rings in the Dominican Republic, by the way. Do you need any more information than that?

    The "University of NorthWest is an international university, claiming no accreditation from regionally recognised accrediting agencies of US such as DETC" business is a serious tipoff (as if you needed any more). You didn't ask about accreditation, but they were ready with their b.s. answer.

    A degree from these people would have no more academic bearing or acceptance than one you printed yourself.
  10. liza

    liza New Member


    I am from Romania. I am working as Asstt. Manager in the local gas company. I did my MBA (Off-Campus) from University of Northwest last year. After completion my MBA, I got increment in my salary. My degree was accepted by my company. If the UNW is not legit, than how did I get this increment? My few other collegues are also enrolled in UNW's Off-Campus Program. The compnay has assured them that they would also get promotion and salary increment, if they do their Masters from any university, even from University of Northwest. Please comment on that.
  11. The company gave you the increment because they believed (presumably without checking) that UNW is a university.
  12. Kane

    Kane New Member


    There are several possibilities including:

    1) Your employer is uneducated in matters of accreditation and simple believes everything he reads on parchment and a CV. This is unfortunately something that happens often and would seem to be the case here.

    2) Your employer may have mistaken "University of NorthWest" for the South African RA equivalent "University of North West" institution.

    Just because you got a raise now does not mean your emloyer may not discover the less-then-wonderful nature of your "time-bomb" school later on and lower the proverbial boom on you.
  13. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: UNW

    Either you're confusing the fake school with the real school or you argument is similar to saying that I went into the store and put a watch in my pocket and then walked out with it and didn't pay. If I was able to do this then why do you now try to tell me that what I did is illegal.
  14. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Re: UNW

    I know I shouldn't be skeptical, but I find it amazing that someone with two posts shows up with a degree from an extremely obscure--and heretofore relatively unknown--diploma mill. (The other post is on another less-than-wonderful school, Preston.) The coincidence is difficult to accept as real.

    Assuming for a minute that what you describe is accurate, I say getting away with it isn't the same as it being okay. Which company is it that pays and promotes people on the basis of unearned degrees? I would love to include them in my doctoral research. It would prove invaluable. Will you help me?

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