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    Hello guys,

    So I have 2 situations here.
    1. My wife studied nursing at a University in Nigeria but at the time she couldn't get her final degree but got all her transcripts and did a 1 year top up degree at the University of Wolverhampton where she studied Health Science. How does she handle the ECA evaluation? DOes she have to send her Nigerian transcripts and the UK top up documents so she get enough points to match a degree in Canada?

    2. My degree from my school is not evaluated by WES, can i use an alternative evaluator?

    cc: @Johann @SteveFoerster
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    She's not looking for a practice license as her final degree is in health science, she is looking for evaluation of her qualification for immigration. Thanks
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    Sorry, no knowledge in that area... but Johann might...
  7. Johann

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    Sorry - he doesn't. Wish I could help. Maybe RFValve could.
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    Brilliant. Chris! I had no idea there were 5 agencies to choose from. This should help our friend Elbulk considerably! I wrote this down so I'll know next time anyone asks!
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    I have checked all agencies. Did that even before the post but my contention is the fact that the first qualification my wife has doesn't have a degree certificate but just transcripts which aided her degree completion in the Uk
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    Transferring credit to the final university where one studies is normal.
    People change schools.
    I think as it was recommended to check with the agency's requirements, You may have to provide all the transcripts from all schools she studied at.
    Is her UK degree transcript/supplement showing transfer credit?

    If the website of the evaluation agency not specific you can call them and ask.
  12. SteveFoerster

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    Agreed. No one can answer this definitively but the evaluator, and they should be able to answer it readily.
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    You should one from the list below if your intention is to immigrate to Canada, WES is part of the list but if refused by WES, it doesnt mean that you will be refused by others:

    I would recommend IQAS mainly because the evaluation doesnt require original transcripts send by the University as they take notarized copies of your credentials. WES and others require transcripts sent by the Universities and WES even needs a letter from the University for PhDs. Some schools are not so friendly when it comes to send University transcripts to third parties so IQAS might be the only choice for some.

    WES also is not very friendly when it comes to private schools in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Many have reported that their degrees were not recognized just because WES feels they are not good enough even if properly recognized by their home countries.

    Others like IQAS just check that your school is properly recognized in your home country and give an equivalency, the University of Toronto evaluation service is also picky but it the most recognized from all the mentioned above.

    Some regulated professions need also a letter from the professional association in question (e.g. Nursing) from the province where you intend to immigrate. Again, you might be refused by one and accepted by other. In my experience, most provinces that attract few immigrants such as Manitoba tend to be more friendly than provinces with too many immigrants such as Ontario. I would send my request to two provinces to maximize chances.
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    Oh wow...This is so helpful. Thanks

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