Degree completion for my niece at an RA school that is well regarded and

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  1. Afterhours

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    ...not wildly expensive.

    She began her undergrad degree at Hofstra University in NY. Because of family issues, she was unable to complete her studies.

    Her average is a 3.2.

    She now lives in South East FL.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. SteveFoerster

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    Depending on how much credit she earned at Hofstra, what her major is, and where she lives in Florida, it might do her just as well to attend a local school where she is now if she's been there long enough to have in state tuition. By SE Florida I'm assuming you mean she's close either to Florida Atlantic University or Florida International University, both public research universities.
  3. Afterhours

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    She is in Lake Worth. She has two years of college. Which of these are better? She will be a returning student and feels "old" at 26.

    That is one reason why she in interested in an online program.
  4. Randell1234

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    They are about the same.
    Top Universities in Florida | 2014 Reviews & Rankings

    The top state school is, of course, UF. They have some online programs and I know some remote locations you could consider. Is there any program in particular she is interested in? FIT is also a great school with a lot of online options.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Since she is considering online school, then I would recommend her
    Public Universities
    - University of Florida (1st)
    - Florida State University (2nd)

    Private Universities
    - University of Miami (1st)
    - Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) (2nd)
    - Nova Southeastern University (3rd)
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    Jesus, if 26 is old, what does that make me? :ugh:
  8. Maniac Craniac

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    Are you implying that you are even older than 26?! :eek:mfg: What is the secret to your longevity????? :notworthy:
  9. Afterhours

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    I know! She's 26 and she feels old. I think it's even worse when you are closer in age to the other students.
  10. TEKMAN

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    I am currently 31, but 6 years ago I felt that I was an old man.
  11. Kizmet

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    We've been trying not to use those kinds of words on this board.


    ummmm, I mean . . . you're an inspiration to us all.:sly:
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    Sorry for dragging this thread even more off-topic. To the OP: Does she have a preference for the subject area of her degree. There are lots of degree completion programs. Some of them yield Liberal Arts or General Studies degrees. Some are more specialized, like Mathematics, etc.
  13. Afterhours

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    Not really. Nothing too mathematical. Auntie, that would be me, is doing the encouraging. She does not want to be "the oldest woman in the class" so DL appeals to her. She is a good writer. However, I don't know of any distance undergrad creative writing programs.

    That is where her heart lies.
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  16. Afterhours

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    Thanks! I will pass them on to her!
  17. GeeBee

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    The University of Illinois at Springfield has a program that sounds exactly like what you are looking for: degree completion, entirely online, English major:

    UIS English Online Degree Completion

    I'm currently enrolled in a similar degree completion program, Mathematics major, at UIS and will graduate in May. I can recommend their programs wholeheartedly.

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