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    As most know, I have been inquiring into accredited theological programs for a master's degree.

    I have looked into Temple Baptist Seminary which has my application in hand as well as Indiana Wesleyan and a few others.

    For the past two months I have been in communication with Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos. They are accredited by DETC and offer two master's degrees, including the Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

    They have been considering admitting some non-Spanish speaking students to assess their programs. I have made the cut and am now in the M.A. program.

    My first course will be in systematic theology and I have my assignments. My first set of books include both Berkof's and Garrett's systematic theologies.
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    Thanks for sharing this info.

    I'm interested in programs such as Denver Seminary
    with all the RA, PA (counseling) that they hold.

    To bad as far as I know they don't have Masters degree programs by DL and if they do I'm not familiar with their DL programs.

    But any info on DL program from University in the same standing as Denver Seminary would be helpful.

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    You might want to look at Liberty's programs.
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    Congrats and good luck to you. I forgot to wish you a happy new year, so I shall take the time to do it now. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. I am trudging slowly along at UH ( I had to leave A&M because of distance from work-NASA-150) with Readings in the Civil War. Would you believe I have 14 books to read? I am reading now before school starts so I am now overwhelmed. Again, good luck to you and keep us updated.
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    Thanks Buddy! Happy New Year to you! Have fun reading the War Between the States books. I was never a big Civil War fan but I love Reconstruction (Radical Republicans and all).
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    Congrats and best of luck
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    Thanks! I have a relative who for years has been wanting me to have an accredited theological degree. She is providing financial assistance so I felt it incumbent upon me to select an inexpensive school.
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    Good luck with your studies!
  9. Go choice Dr. Clifton, constant with first-class selections.
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    Good decision, Jimmy. I hope it prospers. (I was gonna say good luck, but...)

    Two things:

    I don't know how much Spanish you have, and I understand from your earlier post that you are a 'pilot project' Anglophone student, but you could sure use this to fine tune/give a terrific start to your command of theological Spanish. If you could badger them into giving you a course so labeled (I think of courses I have seen elsewhere in theological German, Latin, French, etc.) it would be a feather in your cap. The decision to study at a non-Anglophone school, even if as you say the bulk of your work will be done in English, is an interesting and enterprising one.

    Also, which Berkhof?
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    Re: Re: Decision made

    Well, what a lousy day. We have had downpours and flooding like crazy. Kind of stuck around home the past few days. Working Sunday School lessons and sermons so at least I'm "earning my keep," ha!

    Yea, don't want to use terms like "luck" and "fate."

    Bill, all course materials have been translated into Spanish. A number of books, like Garrett's systematic theology works, have Spanish editions.
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    Uncle Janko,

    I have some undgrad Spanish under my belt. Have tried to keep up by reading La Biblia periodically. I don't do well speaking it, understanding it (unless the speaker speaks very slowly) or writing it. I do fairly well reading it. As a matter of fact, the application was in Spanish and I filled it out all right.

    As far as being the "project Anglophile," it looks as if I am the only one at this point. Your suggestion about theological Spanish is a good one. I still have a real affinity for Latin and am thinking of taking some refresher courses.

    My decision to study at FLET is, as you say, "interesting and enterprising." I had narrowed my choices to several. I liked Johnson Bible College but the GRE and/or Miller Analogies are required as they are at a few other schools I looked in to.

    I don't feel like spending monies I don't have for such ridiculous tests. I was accepted into an RA grad school in 1977 and into ESR in 1979 without the GRE or any other tests. So, I think my ability to perform at the graduate level, especially with California College, has already been proven. Not to mention Bethany and GSST grad school programs.

    It's interesting that Temple has a 10-point grading system. FLET's is very unusual. A+ is 99-100, A is 95-98, A- is93-94, B+ is 91-92, B is 87-90, and so on with a 70 being a D-.

    Your question as to which Berkof is a good one. I assumed it was Louis and didn't even think to ask since the instructions simply said

    I will check but it very much sounds like Louis.

    Thanks for the kind words.
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    Anglophone, not Anglophile (Dumnezeu! Perfidious Albion!).
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    Re: B-E-R-K-H-O-F

    I have always butchered his name. I have called him Berkof, Berkhoff, and of course, Berkhof.
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    Thanks re the translations. I needed that to remove my head from the sand of US centralization --or from someplace.

    I like the simple way Berkhof asks questions. eg:

    "Is a foreknowledge of future events which is not based on the decree possible in God?"

    yes--no--maybe so? Russell knows... .

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    Sounds like a typical theologian!

    By the way, I just received an email from my professor, Dr. Richard Ramsay, who holds the M.Div. and D.Min from Westminster and the Th.M. from Covenant, saying it is in fact Louis Berkhof.
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    Yes, it is Systematic Theology from Louis Berkhoff, that work has been in Spanish for many decades and it is a classic among Latin American Protestant Theological Seminaries.

    This is its presentation:

    "La Teología del Dr. Berkhof casi no necesita presentación, pues es un ejemplar de gran venta desde su primera impresión. En cambio se sabe poco de la vida de Berkhof. Nació el 13 de octubre de 1873 en los Países Bajos. En 1882 se trasladó a los Estados Unidos de Norte América, donde cursó estudios de teología y entró en el ministerio pastoral. Luego fue nombrado profesor de teología exegética del Calvin Theological Seminary (1906-1914), después profesor de Nuevo Testamento (1914-1926) y finalmente presidente y profesor de teología sistemática del mismo Seminario (1926-1944)."

    The work of professor Garrett has been translated into Spanish in the 90's and it is published in two volumres by the Casa Bautista de Publicaciones, which is famous for its typos and mistranslations.

    By the way, Pasor Clifton, Why did you chose to work for another MA from FLET, when you already have a PhD, and FLET is not RA?
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