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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by JoshD, Feb 16, 2020.

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    So I know I want to pursue my doctorate in finance. However, my first step is going to be the Master of Science in Finance from the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. This program is AACSB Accredited and a CFA Institute Affiliate. The business school is ranked #69 according to US News. The difference I have found, however, when comparing to other programs is the fact that there is a thesis option. Every other online MS in Finance I have researched lacks a research and thesis component. Seeing as how I want to pursue doctoral studies, I am hoping this is a good way to get into finance research and "maybe" get my name on a publication. We shall see!
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    Congrats and good luck! It seems logical to go for a master's with a research component if you eventually want to go for a doctorate with a research component.
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    Thank you and absolutely! There are other programs that are with higher ranked business schools but not one of them had a thesis option! Mizzou also is going to allow electives from Economics and Accounting departments should I so desire (which I do!)
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    Congratulations Josh, look forward to hearing about your adventure!
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    Thank you! I most certainly will! :)
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    I certainly wish you the best with your new undertaking. I hope you keep us in the loop with your progress. Some of the best information we get is the specific experiential information from students about their respective programs.
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    Absolutely! I'll try to update after each set of courses. It seems like a very promising program with the ability to tailor the degree to each individual. I love that it is not a lock step format like several others.
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    I figured I would kind of give an update as to the process I went through when I applied.

    I obviously had to fill out the graduate school application but since I was a McNair Scholar in undergrad I was given an application fee waiver. I needed 1 Letter of Recommendation, an essay of responses to questions, transcripts from undergrad and MBA and then I did an interview with the Assistant Director of Admissions and the Director of the MS Finance Program, Teal Snoddy and Dr. Michael Dorigan, respectively. The interview lasted about 20-30 minutes and was done via Zoom. Dr. Dorigan led the interview and asked questions regarding my employment, prior experience in finance coursework along with experience doing programming and utilizing Microsoft Excel. I had told him I was interested in pursuing doctoral studies and wanted to do the thesis option and he said that would be fine and we could discuss it further the further along I get in the program.

    I get to select up to 6 credit hours from other disciplines and I believe we decided a graduate level statistics course and Econometrics would be beneficial for me. There are also a plethora of finance electives available which really allows one to tailor the program to their desires.

    This will be the 3rd year of the program I believe but it is AACSB Accredited and they are a CFA Institute Affiliate. I will update as I enroll in courses and complete courses moving forward.
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    Congrats! Keep us updated as you progress through your program.
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