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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by bpreachers, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Have you looked at the 100% online PhD in Leadership program that Johnson University offers at the cost of $400/credit hour?
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    To be quite honest. I would not bother with NCU or Johnson U. The Edinburgh DBA is about 30K USD as it is a top ranked doctorate.

    I think it is getting to a point that any low rank or barey accredited doctorate is not going to cut it. As top schools are getting in the DL business with affordable fees, any low rank or virtual school doctorate will carry almost no value in the future.

    Edinburgh Business School: 20000 (full distance learning)

    Business school rankings from the Financial Times - Global MBA Rankings 2012
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    What is "barely accreditied"? Do you mean a school on academic probation?
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    That's like being "kind of pregnant".
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    No disrespect, I mean schools at the bottom of the rankings (or unranked). They are accredited but just satisfying the minimum accreditation requirements to stay in business.

    I don't want to start a discussion or bashing thread for Jhonson or any other low ranked shool.

    The point is why to settle for the lowest when you can aim for the highest for the same price.
    The world is very competitive, people don't get so impressed anymore with MBAs, PhDs, etc. The prospect doctoral student should aim for the best as this is a life time iinvestment proposition that will impact your future.

    I wish I could have access to any of this top ranked schools when I did mine. I did OK with my DBA from an Australian School but I could be making double my salary if my DBA was any of these financial times ranked schools.

    People with top doctorates make no less than 120K to start and most make 200K in less than 10 years. If you add consulting this can go to 300K.

    I'm sure these top ranked schools are rigorous but many might have the brain power to do a DBA from a top school but went with a lower ranked option only because they did not know better.
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    Accreditation is a minimum standard, otherwise there would have*been no need for ranking. If accreditation was a maximum standard then there should be no difference between Harvard and Phoenix. Are there marginal accredited schools, of course there are? Not all pregnancies are created equally.
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    I'm very impressed by them, unless the person is braggadocios about it.

    People with top doctorates also make 60k annually and not much more then that after 10 years. Those who make more probably do so because of the interpersonal connections that they made, as opposed to any difference in the academic rigor.
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    What I see in this forum is that many people (including myself) keep collecting junk degrees because employers pay or because they are just easy to get (Let's face it, some of the online masters degree are jokes). Myself I considering another junk masters in accounting just to be able to make few thousand here and there teaching on the side a different subject (accounting and finance).

    You can take two paths, either you keep collecting junk degrees so you can keep teaching on the side at low ranked schools (online or face to face) or you can just put all your efforts and get a real doctorate that can lead to a top position in industry or academia.
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    I highly doubt it. As a personal experience,If I had a doctorate from Manchester or other top school, I could easily double my salary. Again, this has been my experience, you might have the few here and there that never did anything with their Harvard PhD in business but my guts tells me that this is hardly the case.
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    All of the following are true:

    1. People with top doctorates also make 40k annually and not much more then that after 10 years.

    2. People with top doctorates also make 60k annually and not much more then that after 10 years.

    3. People with top doctorates also make 70k annually and not much more then that after 10 years.

    4. People with top doctorates also make 120k annually and not much more then that after 10 years.

    The point is to show you that you can't make blanket statements without support.
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    Those regionally accredited doctorates in the U.S. are real.

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    There are tons of statistics that support this. If me again or someone else wants to find out, there are ACCSB statistics, financial times statistics, salaries surveys, etc.

    As for personal experience, people coming from top schools negotiate salaries starting at 120K at the place where I work. I was not able to negotiate a salary at this level because my doctorate is not from a top school.

    It is reality, if you want to keep denying it is your choice. Statistics are there for someone if they want to find out. I'm not going to do the leg work for you as I have nothing to gain out of this.
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    I did not know that this forum was an academic conference presentation. I could formulate an hypothesis and calculate the statistics, p value, blah, blah. But it doesn;t take much to figure this out by looking at the stats collected below:

    Business school rankings from the Financial Times - Global MBA Rankings 2012

    Someone can make a case and say that a PhD from a low tier school virtual school can give you the same ROI and this can be the case for exeptional people but not the case for most of the graduates.

    I don't see a reason to spend 50K for a PhD from NCU when for less you can get a doctorate from a top ranked school. Yes, there is no guarantee that this will lead to the 200K career but statistics suggest that you have a good probability of getting there with a top tier degree (no hypothesis testing was done for this statement).

    I'm sorry if I repeat myself, I don;'t want to upset people or make people feel less. Options were limited 10 years ago but now there are so many better options that makes more sense to go this direction.
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    You wrote that lower tier RA doctorates in the United States are barely accredited [sic] and are not real.
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    This is assuming the PhD student/graduate plans to teach in the first place! We all make choices and do it with the best information we have at the time. Why didn't you get an AACSB PhD/DBA? Because at the time you made the best choice you could with what you knew (I am assuming). Hell, if I would have stayed in my position as a Wall Street stockbroker (1986-1987) I would have accumlated so much money I would not be working today...or be in jail for insider trading...:phone:
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    Whoa...hold on! Why not get an AACSB DBA in Finance or Accounting? Why collect junk degrees when you get start with that $120-200K?
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    For the same reason most people do programs from low tier schools. They are just easier and more flexible to do. If the employer pays for it, don't take much time of your schedule and they can help to land some extra teaching gigs, why not?

    For me to get a tenure track in accounting or finance, I would need to present and publish papers in top journals and conferences and do some networking in the academic circles before I can be considered for something like this. This takes a lot of time and effort. You cannot expect someone to come up with a quick online master's in accounting and become a full time tenure track professor.

    I don't want to disrespect people in this forum, I have also completed distance education programs and know the time and effort they take but also we need to aknowledge limitations of credentials earned from low credible institutions.

    I know some people here do not need to iincrease their salaries and the PhD is just for personal development. However, I'm not one of those making so much money that consider the PhD just a hobby. I rely on my credentials to make a living and promotions. My experience tells me that people with better credentials have more credibility and tend to get better opportunities.

    As top doctorates are available at affordable tuition fees, I would consider these programs before other options with less credibility.

    15 years ago there were not other options, then I would be happy with Johnson University or The University of AMerica (now capella) or Sarasota.

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