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  1. RFValve

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    Yes, this is pretty much it. If you want to move into academia, the problem is that you have to convince several hiring committees that your degree is better than the one from other applicants and the online for profit aspect is a hard sell unless you have no competition (I can see this for an accounting professor applying to teach at a small state school in a small city).

    For adjunct teaching and industry, it won't matter much as few can tell the difference between an Idaho State and NCU PhD so the degree would work in places where an accredited doctorate is required. The risk is that the school can get a bad rep as University of Phoenix, I don't think is the case but it might happen and this is a risk you are taking.
  2. Ian Anderson

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    If you live in the Los Angeles area I knew several aerospace industry people who were taking this Ed.D. at Pepperdine:
    Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership | Executive-Nonprofit-National Policy-Education Leadership | Professional Administrative Services Credential | Graduate School of Education and Psychology | Pepperdine University
  3. SteveFoerster

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    And yet strangely, we have a frequent poster here with a PhD from Capella who's now on the tenure track at a non-profit school as a result.
  4. Shawn Ambrose

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    My doctoral studies at Capella were not an issue earning my first full-time teaching position at LCO Community College, and my PhD from Capella did not hinder me from being hired at the University of Saint Francis (USF), an ACBSP accredited institution.

    For the record, although not hired for the position, I made it to the final interview round for a tenure track position at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville last spring. Note - although not hired for the position, the interview was a great experience for me. Lots of lessons learned so I was much more comfortable for my interview with USF. In fact, after getting hired by USF, I sent a very long thank you e-mail to the chair of the search committee at UW-Platteville. My point is that my Capella degree did not stand in the way of being considered for a tenure track position in a state university position.

    Will an AACSB school look at an NCU degree? Probably not. However, if you can demonstrate you can effectively teach and can produce scholarship, you can get a job in academia.
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    Very impressive. Congratulations!

    Whats the average salary paid to a tenure track faculty at a state university?
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    Once I achieve over 6 credits in CS courses and 6 credits in some other prefix and a PhD from NCU, I will see if I can get a job at my local Strayer College which is not ACBSP and offers an MS in MIS and an MBA as well as undergrad degrees. To me, that should be enough. My close friend has taught for years as an adjunct at Webster and has an MS in MIS from Webster plus is ABD at Nova. Webster is an ACBSP accredited school and he really enjoys teaching classes there in person.
  7. Shawn Ambrose

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    When interviewed at UW -Platteville, I was told that my salary would be in the low to mid 50's. At my current position, my salary is in the high 50's, not counting overload or summer teaching.

    At my former community college, I was topped out in the high 40's. To be fair, my former community college is a tribal college and is woefully underfunded.

  8. RFValve

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    Thanks for sharing this information. I have worked full time for an online for profit as a full time professor at 65K but teaching 4 to 5 classes a term during 6 sessions of 6 week and position was not tenure track.

    AACSB accredited schools start at 100K but most require at AACSB accredited doctorate.

    The 50 to 60K might sound bad but you make extra money doing continuing education and executive training at many school that can help you to bring it to close to 100K if you play your cards well.
  9. Shawn Ambrose

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    And if you take an overload contract, teach summer, develop curriculum, etc. you can earn money that way also.

    Where you live makes a big difference also. In Fort Wayne, cost of living is very low, esp. housing. 100K will get you a lot of house here. Here's a typical example:

    2425 Southway Dr Fort Wayne IN - Home For Sale and Real Estate Listing - MLS #201112479 - Realtor.com®

    I would have never seen quality housing that cheap in Platteville, WI.
  10. Bruce

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    A friend of mine was a faculty member at a community college, and was able to more than double his salary by teaching online, evening, weekend, and summer classes.
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    If you are earning a PHD to make $100k then you may have a problem. Here is an easier way if you into accounting. Spend $2k and 6 months and get yourself a CPA if you are in the USA. In Canada get yourself a CMA, CA, or CGA designation. It is bit more challenging in Canada. After you are earning your $100k then do to a PHD as part of the PD’s process.
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    In comparison, a kid with 2 years of computer programming experience and a bachelors in IT can make 60k. Starting salaries are around 40K and raises come really quickly during the first few years. If the kid learns how to write iPhone apps and doesn't mind traveling, he can easily make $60-80 per hour on a contract, bringing his salary to over 120K per year.
  13. RFValve

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    Electricians with license in Ontario make more 100K and some report more than 150K. This trade only requires a high school diploma.
  14. ryoder

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    That is good money. Plumbers get paid a lot too. I was quoted 500 bucks to reinstall a plastic garden tub that I had already removed. It took me about twenty minutes to do it myself.
  15. edowave

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    There was actually an article in the Chronicle not too long about about a PhD who wished she became a plumber instead.

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