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  1. mrworkman

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    Greetings all I've been looking at Doctor of Business administration programs and Northcentral University seems to be a great deal as its regionally accredited and has program accreditation as well with what seems to be the least amount of work required only 54 credits. I've called other schools about their doctorate programs and during the course it requires the student to login post discussions as well as work on individual projects + assignments + final papers and they expect the student to do two classes at a time. I understand its doctorate level work but that can be overwhelming. does anyone have any experience with North Central University and what the length of most of their papers are? will I be writing a 55 page paper as one of four or five assignments within the course?? Does anyone know of any other DBA programs that do not require residency, will let you log in and do assignments without posting to discussion boards and is Decently priced? My area of interest is organizational leadership. I know I want to do this because for the last year every day I wake up I think about getting a Doctorate degree. I really enjoy the field of management. I believe that there are great managers out there in organizations but not all of them are great leaders and understand how to inspire and motivate subordinates. What intrigues me about this field is how personality temperments and a bit of psychology play significant role in a managers ability to lead effectively. I'm also interested in designing organizations that are built for efficiency and do not have so many levels of bureaucracy. Anyway it would be great to consult with some DBA's out there who can give me insight on some of these things thank you all
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  2. SteveFoerster

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    I don't know about what NCU requires, but in my program at Cumberlands I've stuck to only taking one course at a time for this very reason.
  3. major56

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    Randell1234 (Moderator) earned his PhD in business administration from Northcentral University. He possibly will respond to your posting, and/or you might want to send him a PM.
  4. major56

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    In addition, another DegreeInfo contributor, David Lady earned his DBA from Northcentral…
  5. Michigan68

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    I am currently a student at NCU in the PhD BA program. In the enrollment process, I was given the option to over lap courses, I said I wanted to take 1 class at a time, she said it wouldn't be a problem. It was a 8 second discussion and now I am taking 1 course at a time.

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    Hello, I am starting the DBA program at NCU in July. My temporary supervisor register me for BTM7101-8. I requested to be registered for an additional class thereby making it 6 credit. Here are my concerns and questions at this stage-
    How long does it take for NCU to assign you a supervisor and a advisor/chair?
    Are you allow to choose your chair or the school just assign anyone?
    What is the course load involve in BTM7101-8?
    What are the next two classes after BTM7101-8?

    Lastly, english is my second language. I am therefore worry about my ability to produce good research papers. What advice do you have for me?

  7. edowave

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    I don't know what the price is these days, but you may want to look at the Heriot-Watt DBA.
  8. suelaine

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    I can't speak about DBA programs but I earned my doctorate in Education, from NCU in 2010. Things change over time so I can't really tell you what your current experience will be, but I don't think you are going to find NCU to require less work, or be easier than others.

    I will admit that one big reason that I chose NCU myself was because they didn't require weekly discussions, and there was no residency requirement. Also, at the time I enrolled in 2005, the price was reasonable compared to similar options. I know it is has gone up considerably since then.
  9. Randell1234

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    I enrolled for the same reasons as Sue - no residency and no discussion/team stuff. I picked my own chair and committee members.
  10. Ted Heiks

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    A few years ago I created a DBA Sticky, which you can find at the top of Business and MBA Degrees sub-forum. You can "tease out" a bunch of PhD/DBA degrees in Organizational Leadership, but you will have to esearch the schools for the adfditional things you require of a DBA. aLSO, THERE ARE MANY EdD degrees in Organizational Leadership, and one of the favorites on this board is the University of the Cumberlands. In addition to that, RAaegent Univesity offers both the Doctor of Stategic Leadership and the PhD in Stategic Leadership online.
  11. Delta1847

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    How do you choose?

    Hello, how did you go about choosing your own chair and committee members?
  12. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    We were given a list of names and their area of specialty to choose from. I sent an email to about a dozen of the people I was interested in asking of they were interested in being a chair or committee member. The first one that with responded with a yes was my chair. I figured if he responded to my email within 45 minutes he would be a responsive chair. If it was not for his responsiveness (turning around my papers in 24-48 hours EVERY TIME) I would have never made it through the program.

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