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  1. andyhutch

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    I'm looking for study material for the DANTES Intro to Business. Any ideas ?
  2. Orson

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    THIS is an easy exam. But if you're like me, you overstudy; if you have no real-life business experience from which to draw, then you'll want material to review, if not study outright.

    Therefore I selected "Business" 6th edition (1999), by William M. Pride, et. al.
    Lucid text; lots of full-color; very topical, with inserted case studies; 13 page glossary, but terms are also defined as encountered in the text in sidebars.
    There's even a web site with FREE self tests and quizes, for those needing the reinforcement.

    Prepping your text for study, however, is essential. The only drawback is that the entire text covers the DANTES outline, about 600 pages. Solution? Read fast! It's certainly doable: it's easy reading.

    The mot intimidating chore is Marketing - 16% Four text chapters in 100 pages. If you want your review to be mot effificient, skin chapter, read intro and conclusions, then take the online quizes to be sure you got it. DANTES' "Managment Process" is covered in part II of the contents, "Management and Organization." "Human Resources," 10% of the exam is covered in "The Human Resource," Part III, and so on! This text closely and easily corresponds to the exam.

    The only surprise? "Government and Business," 5%, is covered in Appendix C: "Government Assistance, Regulation, and Taxation."

    (If you do the TECEP Business Ethics exam, you can use the chapter on this subject in the text and material searched online to prepare! It also concisely covers that test sylabus, too. I did.)

    I chose Pride, Hughes and Kapoor because it was easy. But also quite interesing.

  3. fed406

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    The official DSST study guide will be sufficient and it has about 7 or 8 more exam guides included, all for about $20.

  4. Orson

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    I DID SAY...

    Well, I did say it was easy!

    I'm sure I could have passed without any study - perhaps even at 'A' level.

    But my absolut minimums would have meant studying a good glossary of terms like the one above.

  5. too_on

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    I have a study guide that DANTES puts out that focuses on the intro to business exam. It has a general overview of the type of test question material and 70 practice questions. Let me know your e-mail address and I can send it to you.
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    Eric, did you use this exam towards the Excelsior requirements? It sounds like an easy 3 credits, but I'm not sure if there's some overlap with some of the other standard business tests from an Excelsior perspective where they might not allow the credit
  9. TexasBlack6

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    Yeah there may be some overlap. I didn't have a need to take this particular exam. I took several other business related exams and classes to satisfy Excelsior's requirements. I imagine each degree is different so check your catalog to see the possible combination of requirements.
  10. too_on

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    Don't know if just anybody can access this site (I'm using a government computer on a .mil domain), but if you can, there are a lot of great study guides, including a comprehensive DSST guide, and they're free! Here's the link:

  11. Orson

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    Non military guy here.
    While I do get the URL in my Safari (Macintosh) browser, I get "The resource cannot be displayed" message.

    Is it just me or are all non-mil people blocked?

  12. too_on

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    I tried it at home and it does work, and I didn't use any special military passwords, codes, or the like. I had problems at first because you are required to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher. I only had version 4. Once I installed the new version (v.6), it popped right up. I am using Internet Explorer on XP. I don't know if there are compatibility issues with Mac, but you can access these guides at home with the right configuration.

    Anyone else have luck accessing the e-books?
  13. decimon

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    I have a wintel box and can access the site with Firefox and with IE-6.
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    Help- need to pass this exam ASAP. Intro to Business.

    Can any only help with exam study info and fastest method to prepare. Any and all help is desperately needed.
  15. Bruce

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    Scilla, there's good thread about study techniques going on in this very section;

    CLEP v. Classroom
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