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  1. Randell1234

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    I have taken several CLEP's but never a DANTES exam. Can anyone take them or just military? Are there many study guides for the exam?
  2. bgossett

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    Anyone may take them. For more information, visit the Dantes web site. I've taken three thus far and judge them roughly comparable to CLEP subject exams.

    Bill Gossett
  3. Rich Douglas

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    DANTES exams are an outgrowth of the old USAFI exams. USAFI (United States Armed Forces Institute) published courses that ended with exams that were recommended for credit. DANTES (the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support) picked up the program, ditched the courses, and handed off the testing program to the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

    DANTES exams were originally only for the military. Many of them paralleled CLEP exams (but seemed easier to the thousands of people I talked to during my Air Force career). Now ETS has shuffled the whole thing off to its for-profit "Chauncey Group," named after the godfather of standardized testing--and the first president of ETS--Henry Chauncy.

    For more on the scandalous nature of the ETS--not to mention standardized testing's and ETS's very racist roots--I direct you to "None of the Above" by David Owen. It was recently updated by Marilyn Doerr and re-released, but the ETS has changed little since its original publication (1985, I believe).

    Rich Douglas
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    I have taken eight dantes and passed seven
    I like them and if you are familiar with the subject you should do ok enough to pass them, another reason I like them is that the
    test is not timed - unlike the Cleps. The college I attend allows up to thirty hours by Clep/Dantes for a BA-BS degree I usually take three in one sitting, starting around 9:30 am and finishing around 1:30 - 2:00pm
    including filling out the paper work, so 21hrs. credit cost me a total of four days, what a hoot huh?
    Good luck,
  5. Buckwheat

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