Dantes Ethics in America -book advice?

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  1. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    Hi guys,
    I've been looking on this form, but no such luck, so here's my question.
    I would like a good book for the Dantes Ethics in America, but not the DSST study guide. That's not enough for me usually.
    I'm very used to clep and dantes, but need just one good book that covers the material.
    Please, any help would be appreciated.
    Also, is it true that there's more than muliple choice, such as essay questions as well?
    Is it difficult. I have no clue.
    Thanks guys and good luck to you all.:)
  2. ternahan

    ternahan New Member

    If I understand your question, you are looking for one text instead of the bibliography in the DANTES guide? Can't help there.

    If you search the DANTES site, you should find statistical data on how many took the test and how many passed.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    When I took it there was an option for the multiply choice + essay or all multiple choice. I took the all multi-choice and passed without studying. I think there was like 50 true/false questions. It was really easy
  4. xygirl

    xygirl New Member


    Some of you really surprise me.
    I hear more people say things like 'i didn't study and passed'. Hey, that's great and I admire you. But, I really can't believe it's easy to 'just' pass when it contains questions on historical figures as Aristotle and whoever else....
    I really don't know, but I seriously think about studying.
    Do you guys have all that basic knowledge?
  5. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

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