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    Assume you have your master's and want to expand your teaching areas by accumulating 18 grad credits in a field. I am in this situation now. I have my master's and I am *pretty sure* I'll be doing an 18 credit cluster in English. (Price is right in ENG right now, thanks Harvard)

    So, here's my question, if you've done this, what does your CV entry look like? I'm really unsure how it would be worded/listed. Obviously, it's not a degree and it's not CEU credit (I have my degrees separated from my professional development/continuing ed) but it's something.... not sure the best way to present it for the greatest impact.
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    Why not something simple?

    Whichever University, 18 graduate credits in Whatever Discipline, 2018

    As someone who's been part of adjunct hiring processes, that will check the box you want them to check.
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    That's a lot of English without the fancy pedigree,... I'd don't like English THAT much - HES's English grad courses are $200 per course, not per credit. I mention this because I don't think you saw the thread that mentioned it, because if you had, I know you'd never suggest I pay extra to NOT go to Harvard. ;) HES courses are 4 credits, so I'll technically have 20 credits after 5 courses. WNMU, though I love that program, would require 6 courses for the same cluster, and again, it would cost more. Besides, I'm pretty sure you promised me a cup of coffee if I made it up there.
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    Probably what I'll do.
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    Ah, gotcha, yes I missed that,

    Absolutely! Coffee, a drink, dinner, whatever!
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    Harvard Extension School cost per course is
    There is some correction needed. Harvard Extension School graduate courses are $2,750 per course, not $200.


    Even with a tuition increase in Fall 2018 at WNMU, a 4-credit HES course will cost more than a 6-credit online graduate course at WNMU for Out-of-State students which will be $2224.62 starting Fall 2018:

    As might be expected, the tuition fee for the graduate course at the state-supported regional university is much less than Harvard.
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    Somehow I missed this, but the ENG courses are part of a special limited time program. Yes, the OTHER Harvard courses are $2,750 but not these. I believe there are still 2 open for spring semester. PS I did not enroll.

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