Current Military or Veterans?

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  1. ybfjax

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    Active Navy for 2 years....

    Still an E-3, with the results for E-4 to be out shortly. Looks gloomy, however, as advancement in my rate has closed up significantly. Perhaps this link would be useful:

    A much better biography with a photo.
  2. tcnixon

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    Re: Active Navy for 2 years....

    Okay, we get it. You have a website. Put it in your sig and move on. Can you please stop dredging up old threads? Thank you.

    Tom Nixon
  3. wfe21

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    Current active duty Air Force since 2001. I love it so far and want to put in a package to become an officer when I finally get my B.A.!
  4. PhD2B

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    There are other ways to earn "good" years towards retirement.

    I work with a Navy Reserve commander that is in the IRR earning "good" years towards retirement by doing correspondence courses.

    I am presently in the Army Reserves doing the same. I had no problem doing a few simple correspondence courses to get enough points for a "good" year. I have 6 years from the Army National Guard, 9 years active duty Army, and 6 years to go to retire from the Army Reserves. :D

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