Crazy, Weird y'all... why am I thinking of collecting ENEB ECTS credits?

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  1. AsianStew

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    So, I just sent an email to the ENEB academic team! Looking forward to receiving a reply later today or tomorrow, they're usually really quick at answering. Let see if they are this time as well... Essentially asking for a cousin and also wanting to know if it's possible, if so, I might collect credits just for the sake of learning/upgrading my business skill set...

    1) Please see attached ENEB Postgraduate Degree pdf document, it lists the 10 Postgraduate degree offerings you have and the courses required for them. I noticed there are a total of 5 courses for each of these offerings and a total of 30 courses for the entire list of postgraduate offerings. So, instead of paying for all 10 of these - as most of the courses duplicate the others, can I pay for a set of 6? Basically, 6 x 5 courses = all 30 courses required, that would save me some money instead of buying all 10 and just taking 1 or 2 extra courses for each one to get the credential.

    2) Please see attached ENEB pdf document for Masters programs, highlighted are the courses for the MBA program, the X are the extra courses required for each additional Master and the number at the bottom indicate the amount of extra courses required for the Master in addition to taking the MBA. Let's look at the Business & Corp Communication, it has 6 extra courses in addition to the MBA, let's then look at the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce with 4 extra courses in addition to MBA. The latter 4 courses in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce already are part of the previous Business & Corp Masters.

    Does that mean, if I take the Business & Corp Masters, the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce would be complete as well? If so, do I need to purchase an additional Masters to obtain this secondary credential? This is just an example, there are a couple more, Commerce Mgmt & Marketing as well as Management and Team Management both have only 3 additional courses in addition to the MBA, if I complete the Masters in International Trade & Masters in Hotel Management & Tourism, both of these would be completed! So, essentially, doing 3 extra programs would yield 6 Masters. If I want all, it would take 8 to get all 11 MBA/Masters offerings. Coincidentally, 8 x 5 = 40 courses. Would this be an option for me to pay for 8 masters to get the entire lot?

    3) Please see attached ENEB pdf document again, similarly you have 11 offerings for the MBA & Masters, there are a total of 40 courses, 10 of these are in addition to the 30 offered in the postgraduate courses. Does that mean, if I do all 40 courses, I can get the 10 postgraduate and 11 Masters offerings as some if not many of the courses overlap with each offering. If I do pay for the entire lot, I will need an extension to 36 months instead of 24 (as my friend who purchased 6 has extended his enrolment until 2023 to complete his 6 Masters programs).

    I can pay for this immediately if needed. I really appreciate your advice. Thank you for your time again. I am an avid collector of college credits as I love learning, I am not looking to get a world record in the amount of degrees or whatever, it's just for personal learning and self improvement but from a ROI/Value perspective, I want these cheap/easy/fast. I look forward to your reply to my inquiries.

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  2. SteveFoerster

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    Crazy? Perhaps.

    Weird? Definitely.

    But bad? Hey, there are worse hobbies! ;)
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  3. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    Definitely on the crazy side. Some ridicule may be expected with a resume filled with that many degrees from the same Spanish school. I wouldn't do it, even if they provided these extra degrees for free. That said, I like ENEB.

    I've seen the profiles of some eccentric academics with a plethora of graduate degrees (the thing is that they work in academia), but I doubt that this would have real value in the corporate world. It might have the opposite outcome. HR people will start questioning a school that offered you that many degrees in a short period of time, or raise questions about your own time investments.
  4. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    He comes across as an intelligent, level-headed person, so I have to believe he knows not to list too many degrees.

    ENEB has updated its course system recently, started offering some new promotions, and has brought in guest experts on different subjects for masterclasses. It appears they are reinvesting their gains into their program so that's a very good sign.
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  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Although I don't have a medical license, I'm going to prescribe an 11th ENEB degree: MCS. Master of Credit Stacking. And yes - they should only issue ONE - for free.
    Give the patient an additional 3 credits every 4 hours .... and DON'T call me in the morning... ever. I don't do mornings. :)
  6. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I completed one certificate with ENEB. I was given an offer to do the Masters for an extra $160, the offer does state that this degree is non official and should be careful and validate with a local authority for the recognition of the degree. So the issue of calling it an MBA in a CV might be deceiving if the place of residence does not consider it equivalent to a local MBA. We have discussed this before but just a word of caution.

    You can do as many degrees as you want with them, if you love the learning and you get benefit, why not?. As for your CV, just include the degree that makes sense for the job you are applying and leave out the irrelevant ones.

    University Isabel 1 is not prestigious but a valid school. You can also decide to list your degrees as Master certificates and not degrees in a continuing education section of your CV so the prospect employer does not get the idea that your CV might be fake because nobody can have so many degrees or you are not focused enough.
  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Were it illegitimate, that would be one thing, but since it isn't, I don't see why anyone would call it what some third party thinks it's the equivalent of, rather than what it is. But it's your CV, do you.
  8. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    The legality aspect depends on the jurisdiction where you reside. In some countries, it is illegal to claim a degree that has not been recognized by the local authority. The degree is a "propio degree" by a legal entity in Spain "ENEB" and certified by a legal University in Spain but it is not official.
    In some countries, it would be illegal to list it as a degree as it is not official while in other countries might be fine. The letter that I got just clearly states to consult with the local authority for this purpose. The Spanish legislation allows private companies to issue masters degrees and then these companies have deals with Universities so the school grants a certification of the degree but it is not official.

    The same school offers certification by an Apostille, in some countries this is enough to legalize a degree while in others is not.

    The legal aspect of foreign degree recognition is a local aspect. In Canada there is no need to legalize or get the degree recognized by a government agency to list it in a CV, so it would be perfectly legal to list an MBA from ENEB and it is up to the employer to recognize it or not but every place is different.
  9. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Well, that would be a reason, fair enough. Which countries?
  10. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    This is more of an issue with doctoral-level degrees that aren't recognized by country-specific evaluation agencies. You could face penalties for displaying the "Dr" title in front of your name in some places. Isabel I is a legitimate Spanish university, so it's hard to see how listing an MBA (albeit a titulo propio) after your name would get you into trouble in any civilized country, although it's a remote possibility.
  11. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    A problem might also arise with getting unevaluated foreign degrees in protected professions such as; Psychology. Business seems to be immune to that sort of stuff.
  12. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Many Latin Countries for example. Mexico requires you to have an official recognition from the minister of education to list your foreign degree, Colombia another example.

    I could list a master propio in a CV that is not recognized but you would need to identify it as such in these places.

    So in Colombia I would have to say "Master propio from UNEB" so people understand that you got a diploma that is not recognized by the minister.

    Most of these degrees cannot count towards promotions in the government or other places where an official degree is required.

    In some Asian countries is the Apostille that counts, I could list an MBA as long as I have an apostille of my degree. This is an expensive certification but necessary in some Asian countries.

    Some argue here that the Apostille is useless, but in some places is required for you to use a foreign degree. In the US, most employers have required me a foreign equivalence certificate from a NACES certified institution but in Canada most employers dont ask for this for people with foreign degrees.

    I am not sure about particular states in the US, but some might require an equivalence report for you to use the degree.

    Technically, anyone can open a school in Spain and grant "Master propio" degrees. The certification from the University is just a seal of approval but it is not technically a degree from that school. We have discussed this before but the fact is that the transcript that I received was from UNEB and not from Isabel 1, the diploma clearly states that the University just certifies.

    The OP can just spend 100 bucks (almost the same price of the MBA) and figure the value of this degree with a NACES certified organization so we can tell the value of the degree in the US.
  13. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Another test would be to try to use this MBA to teach in the US. Most require an equivalency report from a NACES approved organization.

    In Latin America is the same issue, most require you to get an official recognition from the minister of education to teach at a University.

    In Europe, Germany is very strong about the use of foreign credentials and requires you to recognize it with the local authority, the same in some middle eastern countries.

    So the OP would need to figure out what is the regulation in his country, I believe he is in Asia so maybe the Apostille might be enough.
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  14. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    Thankfully, MBA degree recognition isn't an issue in Poland. The Polish ministry has put out a guide for Spanish degrees and determined that all titulos propios are equivalent to a Certificate of Completion of Post-graduate Studies. All Polish MBA programs are treated as such anyways. You couldn't even qualify for an evaluation.
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  15. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    There was an interesting discussion recently betwen members of the Polish parliament about the Doctor of Business Adminstration programs that are run as one-year certificates by non-public higher education institutions and provide the DBA title. A Polish member of the ruling Law and Justice Party (a PhD himself) felt that this wasn't right, as the DBA is widely recognized as a degree. The minister in charge of higher education responded that there are no regulations for these programs beyond general guidelines for schools. But I was suprised by his defense. He said that the DBA title was granted outside of the system of higher education, as the Polish title states: "Certificate of Completion of Post-graduate Studies." This has caused me to modify my views on the issue. But generally, you'd be fine with listing an MBA after your name. No evaluation would be needed.
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  16. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    Basically, I won't be adding these Masters to my resume or CV, it's for personal enrichment and for learning subject matter I'm not fully immersed in but I have much interest in... Essentially, this is the same as what I currently do with IT certs that are paid for by the company, cheap/easy/fast as most of them are, it's still helpful for me to take as it provides a review or preview of information that I am looking into. Another example is me taking other courses such as StraighterLine, I took over 100+ credits with that medium as I wanted to learn each course they had to offer. When had their freebies, I took everything that wasn't offered at SL and/or didn't duplicate credits I had, some where repetitive but I still took it for review.

    The learning material provided and subject matter retained is much more affordable than my previous education prior to 2015, I mean I paid so much out of pocket ($6600 or something close to that) for local/private education towards an IT Diploma at a private for-profit that had the most ads ever, they shut down the same year I was attending their courses. That school had 19 years history and actually one of the ones I had been eyeing for a long time. Further to that, I took courses at CIE/World College towards their BEET and BCIS, I was at like 18 courses in or something, these were the ones that can be applied to either or both degrees, then they lost NA accreditation! LOL, I looked at Grantham U but they were too expensive.

    In fact, the total ENEB costs would be less than the cost of 1 course I took at JIU (Jones International University - RA and I thought would be the biggest competitor to WGU or U of Phoenix) that closed as well, I was taking a graduate cert in Business before I had my Bachelors, I was in the middle of the course when they mentioned they're ceasing operations. I mean, the 3 credit course was $1500, oh crap, the horror! Fast forward to now, I'm taking Business/IT certs as they come to me cheap/easy/fast and any other credentials, just like the "Pay what you can" certs offered by a few universities with executive education divisions (I voluntarily paid $100 for the Cert in Leadership in Turbulent Times, $25 each course, some people had paid more, some got the full scholarship)...

    Let see, I paid $249 for the MBA & Big Data and $217 for the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. I purposely waited for a "deal" as the regular price is $299 for the MBA & Masters and $249 for just one of them. However, for those who are looking to purchase, this is how I would do it now. I FORGOT that Groupon is one of the companies that offers cash rebates if you use Ratuken, I could have had 4% cash back, plus, if I referred myself to Groupon (using gmail and the period), I get $10 or was it $25 referral discount? Doh! So, wait for the $249 and $217 special, then pay with Ratuken after you refer yourself...

    Hmm, so, I just got word back from them, my assumption is correct, if I complete all 30 courses within the post graduate option, I get all 10 for the price of 6. And if I do all 40 courses for the Masters, I get all 11 of them for the price of 8. I don't think I'll be going for that many, but just wanted to validate my assumption, maybe I might do it just for the heck of it, being the first to finish all their courses, hmm x2, I think I want to spend some more time on UL courses, they're awesome, I learn and retain much more info than I did with StraighterLine, but then again SL was all Lower Level...

    ENEB Email Reply: See Update below for even more discounts than what I originally paid for!
    <evil laugh, if you re-enrol, you get it at 140 Euro (roughly $163 USD vs $217 USD for each additional offering)...>

    Dear Bryan,

    Your numbers are right and your proposal is sound. All in all, since common subjects are validated when passed in any training program, your suggestion makes sense, given that you are keen on collecting degrees ;)

    Considering this, please confirm how many training programs and what kind you would need to have all courses available. Then, if you purchase them all, you can be enrolled in all training programs, and eventually get all certifications possible, as long as you overcome subjects.

    We’ll be looking forward to provide you with a link to cover this amount of courses.

    Update: If you have purchased the voucher already, please send us a screen shot of such together with your full name, so that we can proceed with the enrollment accordingly.

    Once you are a student of ENEB, you can enroll in additional Master programs for the price of 140 EUR each - therefore, as soon as you have enrollled with the purchased voucher, you can possibly add as many programs as you wish (for 140 EUR per Master).

    We remain at your disposal for any further information.

    Kind regards,
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  17. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    Thanks for the background story for your educational journey. I can better appreciate your perspective. I've enrolled in their MBA program.
  18. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I suspect our star poster AsianStew may be trying to corner the market on ENEB degrees. If (G*d forbid) he is successful, once he has bought the entire inventory, a shortage will develop and he will be able to resell ENEB courses to the rest of us at huge profits. May I remind him of the late Nelson Bunker Hunt's attempt to corner the silver market, which was thwarted by the US Government's suddenly changing the rules.

    If such an attempt is made here, perhaps ENEB or the Spanish Government may intervene. I counsel strongly against such a risky undertaking. :) :)
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  19. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Basically, except that it would be more than that, since different evaluators provide different reports....
  20. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Yes, I remember Dr. Bear's experiment in this matter. He sent an MBA from HW and other credentials to different evaluators and got different results. You need to send it to few to see who can give you the best result. In general, for a work permit and teaching jobs in the US, the evaluation report is necessary. For regular jobs, experience is more important, my guess is that if you shop around, you might actually get an MBA equivalency report from someone and then use it for jobs where the MBA is required.
    My guess is that most will give it the equivalent to a graduate diploma or certificate in the US which is not so bad but you might have one or two that might just make it an MBA.
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