Cracker Exhibition organized by the E-Cell Club

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    The Entrepreneurship Cell of Bengal Institute of Business Studies had arranged for a Cracker Exhibition on 6th November '12 within the campus to assess the demand of crackers among BIBS students and faculty members. On the 8th and 9th of November the club sold crackers to the students and the faculty members of the institute. This will help the students imbibe the values of functionality in entrepreneurship for a better understanding of theory.

    The club's objective was to beat down wholesale prices, which will help the members
    - to identify the qualities & responsibilities of manufacturers
    - to plan out a marketing strategy and
    - to zero down on a price point

    The members of the club approached the target customers and promoted the event. They learnt sales promotional techniques by providing offers and discounts. Such events will increase the group cohesiveness and give the students a sense of ownership.
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    I thought all slavery was illegal, including white slavery? :(
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    So we can expect a huge surge in the sale of crackers in Bengal. Would this be considered insider trading?

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