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    The main advantage of the correspondence setup is the ability to self pace the work. Some students are unable keep weekly deadlines of online courses. Others need more time to cover topics/materials that are more difficult to them.

    Even though the price has increased since I last took a course, Idaho has some great course options vis correspondence. I don’t believe they offer a complete degree via correspondence

    LSU has a similar setup.

    Any other notable RA self paced distance learning / correspondence options out there? Any complete RA degrees that are self paced?
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    Palo Verde College (California state community college) offers a variety of certificate programs and (I believe) associates degrees via correspondence (and I mean old school correspondence, where you mail your assignments via snail mail to the professor.) Profs are generally reachable via email and very responsive and (in my experience) generally knowledgeable and helpful. $58/credit hour for CA residents, or free if you are low income and a CA resident. Ou of state is, I think, in the $200-300 range, cant remember.

    There are a number of other CA state schools with distance based options but most that I know of are more common online classes. There’s a great search engine of just about all online / correspondence programs at Californium a schools at
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    Here is a list of colleges that I found in the Prison Lives Almanac 2018 which focus is on prison education. There are some ideas I am investigating.
    Correspondence - Adams State,California Coast University,Coastline Community College, Metropolitan State University of Denver,Murray State University, Ohio State, Oklahoma State University, Rio Salado College,Seattle Central CC, Southwest University, Texas State University, TESU, Thompson Rivers University,University of Idaho,University of Mississippi,UNC,Univ. of North Dakota,University of Northern Iowa, Univ. of S.Dakota Univ. of Wisconsin, University of Wyoming, Upper Iowa University. I am sure I missed something.

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