cosc,tesc, ec, do they accept credits from a nationally accredited school

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  1. dawnlanore

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    does anyone know if any of the following three schools accept credits from a Nationally accredited school?

    COSC, TESC or Excelsior College
  2. Guest

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    I don't know about them specifically but I mentioned in your other thread that Liberty University has a distance learning Bachelors or business (or used to). It is affordable & done through VHS tape. As I understand it they have indicated a willingness to consider nationally accredited degrees.

  3. DaveHayden

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    If you attempt to transfer credit, no. If you go through the portfolio process as outlined by Steve Levicoff and document the learning, yes. You may want to email Hille. She has extensive experience at TESC. Also check out the BA in 4 weeks web site. Good luck.
  4. dawnlanore

    dawnlanore New Member

  5. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    Just use the search engine here to search for TESC. You'll see several posts by her. Then you can click on the icon to send her an email.
  6. RJT

    RJT New Member

    Earn a Degree in 4 Weeks??

    4 Weeks? How could anyone possible perpare in such short a time?

    Sounds like a Deree Mill to me. Perhaps if the Degree is desired quicker, go State Liscened (except in OR)!!
  7. Bill Huffman

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    Re: Earn a Degree in 4 Weeks??

    Perhaps you should click on the given link. If you had you might have discovered that it is all explained in that link. Is this the kind of research skills they teach at K-W?
  8. Re: Earn a Degree in 4 Weeks??

    State Incensed? :confused:
  9. Re: Earn a Degree in 4 Weeks??

    You couldn't learn the equivalent of four years of college in four weeks. However, if you'd been a thoughtful and active learner for oh, umpteen years -- you could, with careful planning, take sufficient exams within the space of four weeks to prove what you had learned and thus earn enough credit for your prior learning to get a degree.
  10. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    If I may return to the original question . . .

    My belief is that Edison will accept DETC-accredited courses only if they have also been evaluated by the American Council on Educations course evaluation service. The DETC site ( has a list of schools that have been through this service.

    I think, but am les confident here, that Excelsior and Charter Oak do the same.

    And remember that "Bending the Rules" chapter in Bears' Guide. When, for instance, what is now Excelsior denied credit for the Heriot-Watt University MBA courses, I sent them several copies of the MBA exams, with a note saying, in effect, "Hey, you people give six units for a 90-minute freshman-level CLEP exam, and you give zero units for this three-hour really tough graduate-level exam. What's up." They (then VP Paula Peinovich) agreed, and credit was thereupon given for the MBA exams.
  11. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Excelsior accepts credit from a variety of sources evaluated by ACE, including military and non-collegiate study. The ACE evaluation of courses from a DETC-accredited school would be the salient point; DETC accreditation would be irrelevant. Thus, the courses would be acceptable (at whatever level, in whatever area, and at whatever amount recommended by ACE).

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