COSC - Fee Increases July 1, 2015

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    June 16, 2015

    Dear Prospective Student,

    A new academic year begins at Charter Oak State College on July 1, 2015, and I am writing to advise you of some changes you need to be aware of as you plan your next step toward earning a Charter Oak degree.

    Beginning this fall, we will add two new majors to our degree program offerings. Business Administration and Psychology have been modified to become majors as opposed to concentrations in our General Studies degree. Minor changes have been made to our Cyber Security major which include a more robust set of courses that prepare a student for success in this hot new career field. We look forward to adding more breadth to all of our curriculum offerings and developing other new workforce related certificate and degree programs.

    The cost of developing and providing high quality academic programs and services continues to rise as state support for higher education continues to decline. In response, we must, reluctantly, raise some of our charges, including our student services, technology and course fees. Effective July 1, 2015, you will see an approximate increase of 4.8%. While no one wants to hear anything is going to cost more, if you look closely, we believe you will still find that completing your education with us remains quite affordable.

    Not only are our fees amongst the lowest both in our state and compared to other online providers, you also save time and money given our generous transfer credit acceptance policy. We will continue to accept up to 87 credits from an accredited two year college and there is no age-limit on the acceptance of credits. Hence, the total number of credits remaining in your degree is often less than you would find at a traditional college or university.

    The last day to enroll in our Summer Term 2 courses is Wednesday, June 17. We will open Fall enrollment on July 1.

    We recognize that when you applied to Charter Oak State College you had a goal in mind – completing your degree, economically and conveniently. We intend to help you achieve that goal. Contact the Admissions Staff (860) 515-3701 or [email protected] to take your next steps towards completing your degree!


    Lori Gagne Pendleton
    Director of Admissions
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