Correspondence courses accepted at University of Maryland?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by caston24, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. caston24

    caston24 New Member

    I have taken a few courses from LSU and BYU through correspondence. I wanted to find out if the University of Maryland University College will accept these as transfer credit.

    Anyone have experience with this.


  2. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    As with all transfers, it depends on which particular courses and whether UM has comparable courses. However, they would not be rejected by them because of how they were earned (particularly because the University of Maryland has long been in the nontraditional game. I have 3 units from their Asian Studies division earned in the Sea of Japan).

    Tom Nixon
  3. Dan Snelson

    Dan Snelson New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    Is University of Maryland your only choice?

    COSC, TESC and Excelsior all would accept your transfer credits and all are Regionally Acredited. If you look at Steve Levicoff's web site (the regular one NOT MIGS [​IMG] )He describes his Bachelor's Degree mainly by portfolio in Lberal Arts.

    The BA in 4 weeks thread that has grown to 2 pages, describes another method of attacking the BA/BS problem.

    I have transfered in 87 credits from 1969-1974 to COSC, and hope to get an additional 24-30 by special assessment.

    Good luck,

  4. caston24

    caston24 New Member

    University of Maryland has this great BA in Psychology. I work for the Library district so they will accept this so I can be promoted. Plus I like the program. I just hope they accept correspondence coursed from other Universities. I know the University of Massachuetts at Lowell doesn't =(

    I know UMUC has been in the business a long time. I pretty sure they do but I just wanted to make sure before I go any futher as far as applying etc. I'm also going to take some CLEP exams.

    Great forum, thanks everone.

  5. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Please, don't start & end your search with UMUC. It is indeed a great program, but if a Bachelor's in Psychology is your goal, there are *many* cheaper (and just as credible) options available. As a matter of fact, about my only criticism of UMUC is the cost.

    If you tell us a bit about your background & goals, I'm sure that we can offer some suggestions to satisfy your needs.

  6. portb71

    portb71 New Member

    UMUC is not the same as UMd.

    It is important to note that the University of Maryland does not offer online courses. Univ of Maryland Univ College does. Two totally different schools.
  7. Orson

    Orson New Member

    Re: UMUC is not the same as UMd.


    Hmmm. Two totally different schools...Yet their web site
    <> states:

    "University of Maryland University College is one of 11 accredited degree-granting institutions in the University System of Maryland."

    Now, do you claim they are lying?
    Or do you somehow mean that by being a constitutent unit of the University of Maryland means it's not the University of Maryland?
    ...a strange construction, me thinks.

  8. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    Re: UMUC is not the same as UMd.

    So U of M CP has NO distance learning classes? That seems very strange? Almost all of the traditional university I have looked at offer at least some dl classes.
  9. Rick0768

    Rick0768 New Member

    Re: Re: UMUC is not the same as UMd.

    You both are actually correct, and no, the school isn't lying. It's a very similar situation in Minnesota and I'm sure in many other states.

    In Minnesota, we have the University of Minnesota system. It includes four completely different universities; 1 The University of Minnesota Twin Cities (that's the big one we all know as "The University," NCAA hockey champs, etc.), 2 University of Minnesota Duluth, 3 University of Minnesota Crookston and 4 The University of Minnesota Morris. Four completely different schools within the same system.

    And to complicate things even further we have the Minnesota state university system under Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). There are something like 8 four year universities spread around the state (Winona State, St. Cloud State, etc.). All completely different schools within the same system.
  10. portb71

    portb71 New Member

    First, there is no longer a University of Maryland System. There IS, however, a University System of Maryland (USMD) as the monker UMD now refers solely to UMCP and the law school

    Among its members are U of Md. Eastern shore, UMBC, UMUC, Frostburg State, Towson State, UMCP etc etc, each with its own sports teams and institutional identity.

    The flagship school is UMCP, which as of 1997 is the only of the 13 public Maryland undergraduate school that can be designated solely as the "University of Maryland".

    To verify, please see the UMCP website for more info on why it is perfectly acceptable to refer to UMCP as "The University of Maryland":

    The Name to Remember: University of Maryland
    In 1997, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation allowing the state's flagship university in College Park to be known simply as the University of Maryland.

    UMUC is a separate institution within the USMD. UMD refers only to U of Md (College Park)

    A good example of the differences between UMD and UMUC are the MBA programs offered by each. UMUC's Graduate School of Technology and Management offers an MBA program either traditionally or online. UMCP (or UMD as it is now refered) offers PT MBA programs through its nationally ranked Smith School of Business.

    At the end of the day, admissions standards are different, placement offices are different and the degrees are different. In fact, UMUC's degrees actually say in big letters "University of Maryland University College" along the top and "Conferred in Adelphi Maryland" along the bottom although this may vary depending on where given. UMCP's degrees say "University of Maryland" along the top and "Conferred in College Park, MD" along the bottom regardless of whether the MBA classes are delivered on College Park campus or in DC or wherever RH Smith has a campus.

    The two programs, along with U Balt. another USMD institution are listed separately on click "bschools" "PT MBA Program" and scroll to Mid Atlantic.

    Point is the University of Maryland programs that rank in the US News report are all UMD programs (or "UMCP" Programs if you will) and not UMUC programs. Just like UNC refers to the Chapel Hill Campus and UNCW, for example offers its on degree in Wilmington.




    Hope this clarifies things
  11. portb71

    portb71 New Member

    Re: Re: UMUC is not the same as UMd.

    I believe UMD (Terps) offers one or two through the top 20 AJ Clark school of Engineering at UMD. (UMCP to avoid confusion)

    UMCP offers many part time programs off campus but the degree is from the flagship school (UMCP). However, most of these are traditional part time programs that are offered near but offsite from UMCP in the Washington Area. The degrees are from UMCP not UMUC.

    UMUC headquartered next door to UMD in neighboring Adelphi, MD is really the forerunner in distance education in the usmd (Sort of like SUNY Empire state College). They are the ones that really offer the plethora of offsite programs you are looking at since they are the "Open University" if you will for the state of Maryland. Many US Military people can attend satelite campuses of UMUC abroad to finish up degrees. Indeed some fellow USMD schools offer degrees at Facilities owned by UMUC Bowie state U etc etc. I think even UMD(UMCP) even offers one or two degree programs on these UMUC sites as well (CAPS?) , but very few and far between and much more selective than the UMUC degree programs.

    Point is UMUC is a separate school. For example, I did not go to UMD, I went to UMBC, the University of Maryland Baltimore County..with all five of those words in big letters at the top of my degree. Our sports team were the Retrievers and we often played the Terps in NCAA games.
  12. dlkereluk

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