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    If you are interested in Coptic Orthodox Theology, this school in Australia has both a residential and distance learning program. You can earn a Diploma in Theology. At $130 US dollars per course, it is not bad (no texts needed since they provide the material). The drawback is that you must have a Coptic Church where you live and a Coptic priest willing to proctor the exams. Distance Studies FAQ's :: Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney Australia
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    I wonder how many of those there are?
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    A quick google search showed there are a lot near me...
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    Good morning,

    I myself have eyed this program on and off over the last couple of years, but my concern is about its lack of accreditation. It does not seem to be affiliated with any university in Australia or have any stamp of approval except from the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    With that being said, it looks like a thorough program, and I would love to hear more details from anyone who has tried the program.


    P.S. Is anyone familiar with the St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Theological Library (St. Athanasius & St. Cyril Theological Library)? It seems to be another Coptic page that is going to begin distance education. From what I can tell, they are based here in the States. The website is pretty bare right now but hopefully will have more details as time goes on.
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    Since one of one of my other threads about (Eastern) Orthodox studies has gotten some attention, I thought I might try giving this a bump and see if anyone has any further thoughts or experiences with the (Oriental) Orthodox program. The prices seem very good, and there is a wide range of topics being covered. I like the program itself but, once again, am nervous about the lack of academic affiliation. I'm sure that the content is orthodox from the Coptic perspective, but I would like to get something (degree, certificate) from a uni if I'm going to be paying and putting in the time. Surely, others here understand.

    Also, since I'm bumping this, I thought I'd throw in another related question (instead of starting my own thread). Is anyone familiar with the St. Athanasius Coptic Theological College in Melbourne? It is the other Coptic seminary in Australia and has regular programs there for residents. At the moment, they have some videos available for regular, resident students, and I recall seeing some talk about doing further distance study in the future. The page I linked to in the previous sentence also mentioned that they were looking to get proper accreditation through a neighboring college/university. That was at least year or two ago, and I haven't received any further word about further steps in that direction. Has anyone else? Perhaps it would be worthwhile sending them a note?
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    Reviving this 2011 thread, Saint Athanasius and Saint Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological Library has evolved into Saint Athanasius and Saint Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School, which is newly up on DEAC's Institutions To Be Considered, and has also had affiliations with RA schools.
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    It's essentially the Egyptian Church, isn't it?
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    "Christians in Egypt total about four million people, and Coptic Christians make up Egypt's largest and most significant minority population, and the largest population of Christians in the Middle East..."

    Also Sudan and Libya. And, of course, the Coptic diaspora - Canada, US, Australia.... whole thing here:
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    Not worth the time. Of what possible utility could it be to anyone?
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    You could say that about every theological degree. Sometimes people want to be lay ministers or deepen their understanding of their faith for their own spiritual education.
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    The Coptic diaspora in the US numbers 500,000 people. American Copts will want their priests to be appropriately educated and, as Dustin suggested, want to deepen their personal knowledge of their faith. Some people want to learn about faiths other than their own. Reasons enough, I'd think.
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    That is funny and sad. "Education" is in a very sad state if it progresses (and it is) towards only what is utilitarian. The cumulative knowledge of humanity in various fields isn't being studied and developed as it once was. We answer today I am a Criminal Justice Major (saw NCIS and that is for me), I am a Business Major (money in that and it is practical), I am in Nursing (practical and money), Pharmacy (money in that until a bit of a glut occurred), Physical Therapy (money in that and shorter than an MD), etc. God forbid your child comes home and says they are a Philosophy Major (studying logic, rhetoric), a Medieval Literature Major, studying to be a Theologian (ancient languages, cultures, history, literature).

    I get that from a practical point of view but is there no room for deep thought and analysis and for studying such things? Perhaps even just additional curiosity to study such things for the joy of learning. Sad really.
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