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    It must be frustrating for Roger Goodell and all other NE Patriots haters that despite the suspension of Tom Brady and the injury that has sidelined second-string QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the Pats keep winning. Fielding a third-string rookie QB (Jacoby Brissett) the Patriots completely embarrassed the Houston Texans last night to push their record to 3-0. Now one of the little dramas that has occurred in these games relates to the fact that one of the conditions of Brady's suspension is that he must stay away from the Patriots stadium, practice facilities, players, coaches, etc. So there was quite a stir in the stands when it appeared that Tom Brady showed up in the stands. It quickly became clear that it was really some guy wearing a very realistic Tom Brady mask. Of course, the question became, "Who is under the mask?" One theory was that it was Brady himself. The idea is really kind of delicious. The idea of Brady, in an act of defiance, attending the game wearing a mask of himself. Of course, it wasn't Brady at all. Anyone can see that it would be foolish for him to do such a thing. As it turns out, the person under the mask was none other than former Patriots (and Broncos) slot receiver Wes Welker. It was a prank, a pretty funny one in my opinion, a jab a Goodell. And now we have our own little drama. Who is wearing the Rich Douglas mask? Or, more precisely, which mask is Rich Douglas wearing? I can assure everyone that there have been no multiple identities/logins in this case. As Steve mentioned, this is relatively easy for the Mods to check. In addition, I have enlisted the services of the White Lotus and the Illuminati to verify all this information. In fact, I now know more about some of you than I really wanted to know. But let's put that aside for now and just focus on this multiple login issue. We all know that DegreeInfo gets some people registering because they are spammers, or shills or otherwise not exactly who they really are. Most of the spammers tip their hand eventually and they are banned. Shills are typically spotted fairly easily and everyone is capable of putting that into perspective when reading their posts. The number of cases of multiple logins is really quite small and most of them are innocent mistakes and not attempts to deceive. The Moderators appreciate it when we are alerted to TOS violations or possible violations and I hope that you all continue to do so. Making accusations on the open forum however just leads to bad feelings and increases the likelihood of escalated behavior between members. I think that's easy enough to understand.

    I would also like to point out that within this thread Rich has now been compared to a Hollywood star and arguably the best Quarterback in NFL history. All as a result of being banned and then going stealth mode. If anyone needs a little ego boost and wants to get banned in a similar fashion, I believe that this might be arranged, for a modest fee.:wink1:
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    YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Now a day later, Rich logged in a mere two hours ago. :wow:

    Note to Rich, since he's obviously savoring this thread: Remember, it's better to be talked about in vain than not at all.
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    Maybe that's DHS monitoring you.
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    And DHS is?
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    Presumably, the Department of Homeland Security, although in some states it can refer to the Department of Human Services.

    But no, in my field, I'm more likely to be monitored by DOT (Department of Transportation), although I have been cleared by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which is a division of DHS.

    But, to return to the subject of this thread, unlike Rich, I have never been in the USAF. I'd open a can of alphabet soup at this point, but it has too much sodium for my taste.
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