Comunity Colleges and 4-year degrees

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    Here you go. Follow the link then click on 'membership' for the list: Community College Baccalaureate Association
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    Florida has essentially done away with CC's. I believe all of them are now called "State College" and offer 4 year degree's, For the most part what I have seen are general degrees like Business or Management, with additional degree's offered in specific areas the school already managed, Like Valencia CC BS degree in Radiology and Imaging Science FAQ - Bachelor Degrees - Valencia College Many do seem to be of the BAS variety...which makes sense considering the source Catalog 2012-13: Student Information: Academic Programs and Prerequisite Courses for the Major: Academic Programs and Prerequisite Courses for the Major Print Page - Seminole State College of Florida

    One of my Alma-maters is among the larger Criminal Justice Certifying Agencies and they now offer a BS in CJ, a BAS in Business, and an RN to BSN bridge.Home

    Florida's Governor Rick Scott has challenged these schools to turn out graduates with a 4 year degree fro around/under $10K

    I would think these credits would readily transfer to one of the Big 3 or other institution of higher learning. I'm interested to see if this could become a 3+1 transfer to a State University....interesting way to save a little money.
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    possibly Washington. The former Bellevue Coimmunity College is now Bellevue College.
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    I don't really understand this idea. Is anyone here familiar with the concept? Is the idea just that they don't have dorms, or that the CCs simply came up and took a big bite of the apple when no one was paying attention?
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