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    I've decided that I'd like to get my masters online, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what degree would be best for me. Does anyone know of a list that might explain these different degrees--or can just tell me what they mean and what they would be most useful for. These are the ones I've seen
    MS Computer Science (too technical for me)
    MS software Engineering (too technical for me)
    MS Management Information Systems
    MS Information Systems
    MS Administration Information systems
    MS Information Technology
    Master of Applied Science in Information Management
    Master of Commerce in Managmeent Information Systems
    MS Electronic Commerce
    Do universities make up their own degree titles or do they follow some sort of rule as far as the descriptions of degrees?
    So far, Regis University's MS CIT is at the top of my list. It's only 36 credits so not very expensive, but it doesn't include managerial courses like accounting/finance that the MIS degrees do. I've seen lots of postings about the Regis MS CIT, is anyone in it now?
    Thanks for your help!
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    The Regis MSCIT program is definitely what I would consider a very technical degree. In general, the CS or SE programs will involve the most theory, and will probably be more difficult overall (in addition to usually requiring the most prerequisites), while the IT/CIT/CIS type programs will have more of an applied focus. There are exceptions both ways though, and each school creates it's own curriculum for each program, so it's hard to make accurate generalizations. For example, some CIS programs are in a school of science, and don't differ that much from a CS program, while some are in a school of business, and are over half business type courses. A CS degree is probably the most recognizable, but any RA master's degree that is related to your profession can only help you. If you're looking for something with a business component, then I'd suggest that you find a good CIS/IT type program that includes business courses (there are quite a few out there), or an MIS program if you want something with even more of a business/management focus.

    It really just depends upon what type of program you want, which should have a lot to do with what you want to do with it. If you want to provide some more specific information about your situation (work/education background and future plans) then I'd be happy to make some recommendations, for what it's worth. I've been through this search recently myself.
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    Well i think, its a lot better if you could attempt cisco certifications along with your degree, it will be very helpful after completion of degree.
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    If you are in Florida, Florida Atlantic University has a new MS - IT and Management program.
    Check their website

    Admission Requirements
    To be admitted to the program, applicants must have

    Either an undergraduate degree in an IT related field of study, or an undergraduate degree and documented work experience of two or more years in an IT function;
    An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher;
    A GMAT score of 500 or higher or a GRE score of 1000 or higher (for those applicants who intend to apply for the degree from the College of Business);
    A satisfactory score in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International Language Testing System (IELTS) for international students.
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    Dr. Bear and his co-authors have a good explanation of the differences between various computer-related degrees in Bears' Guide to the Best Computer Degrees by Distance Learning and Get Your IT Degree and Get Ahead.

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