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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by bceagles, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. bceagles

    bceagles Member

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a very “General” computer Certificate Program?

    I’m attempting to clean up my resume’. Currently I have a section on my resume that looks like this:

    Computer Skills MS Windows, MS Office Suite, Peach Tree Accounting and working knowledge of the Internet.

    I would like to clean it up to look something like this:

    Springfield University Certificate in Computer Technology

    Should I look into the Rutgers Skills Certs?

    Does Microsoft still have the MS office designation?

    I have decent computer skills, but I am not a programmer or anything like that. FYI, I am not in the computer field, Finance, and want to find the best way to “plug” the technology hole in my resume’. Thanks!
  2. MrLazy

    MrLazy New Member

    I don't know of any one certificate that might cover all that you might know.

    However, there is a Microsoft certificate that might interest you. It is the Microsoft Office Specialist. Information can be found at

    One caveat, I believe Microsoft is currently revamping it's entire certification program so I don't know if these will still be available or if they'll get phased out shortly.

    Good luck,
  3. gtobin

    gtobin New Member

    I read resumes often, and if I have to look up what the certification means, I won't. I think it's better to be specific about your skills unless the certificate name clearly states what the skills are.
  4. Jeff Walker

    Jeff Walker New Member

    If it's relevant to te job I am applying for, I list it. I list certifications under "Professional Certifications" and oddball skills under "Technical Skills".
  5. tscalzitti

    tscalzitti New Member

    Do keep in mind that HR will scan for key works and technologies, you need a section for it if you are in IT. Think of it as metadata for a search bot :)
  6. mattoneil

    mattoneil New Member

    There is one called the International Computer Driving License. No one in the States has ever heard of it though.

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