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  1. Hille

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    Hello all.

    I have been looking at WGU as an option. Has anyone seen anything else that would measure up? I am doing the research but the only other option Univ. Of Phoenix which has a rep that is not great. I am also investigating the Professional Dev. options listed in a previous post to see if any of those schools are an option.

    Thank you in advance. I will post my progress as I hear back from various schools.

  2. Rachel83az

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    What kind of Master's? There are several schools that offer online competency-based models. But some of them only offer certain degrees.
  3. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The reputation of the school matters less as your other qualifications--especially experience--grow.

    I think Capella now offers this learning modality.
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  4. AsianStew

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    It depends which Masters you or your friends are looking into. What type of or which professional development Masters program are you referring to? There are a few providers, but their selections are all very limited. For example, if you're looking at Management/Leadership, then UMPI, UMass Global are options other than WGU's MSML, but I would still suggest WGU over those two for cost, ease, speed to finish. For MBA or MSIT, etc, WGU is also a very good option, vs Purdue Global, Walden, etc.
  5. Hille

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    Good Morning.
    Looking at Education for a Graduate Degree.
  6. Courcelles

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    If you’re more specific, someone might know of something, but in general? Education, competency based, at the MA level? It’s WGU.

    Are you looking to get a license, or advance a teaching certificate you already hold?
  7. AsianStew

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