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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by stringfellow hawke, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. stringfellow hawke

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    Employer pays 80% of my tuition... I can't CLEP. Looking for best combo of online school with communications program that has a physical campus as well. U of Colorado Global seems solid but I'd like to get the cost per credit hour down a bit. Any suggestions?
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  3. Jonathan Whatley

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    A major in communications could be made up largely of public speaking, or journalism, or technical writing, or integrated marketing communications, or visual and multimedia communication, or communications studies as a social science… the field cuts a very wide swath. Is there a type or part of "communications" that you're most interested in studying?
  4. stringfellow hawke

    stringfellow hawke New Member

    To clarify... I only need about 30 or so credits to graduate. My classes leaned towards the media side of things but I'm looking for any kind of communication degree.
  5. Jacob Perry

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    Tons of options as communications tends to be one of the more common majors available online. Just Google and you'll find quite a few listings.
  6. ladylearner

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    Bellevue University has a communications program that accepts up to 90 credits. I didn't check the cost per credit against U of Colorado, though. They have a physical campus, confer degrees monthly, have two annual commencements. Many of the syllabi are available online.
  7. ladylearner

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    I think it means he's looking for a program that will consist of actual classes rather than credit-based examination.
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